8 Mile

Year: 2002
Directed By: Curtis Hanson
Writer: Scott Silver
Awards Won: Best Original Song, “Lose Yourself” by Eminem

8 Mile Movie Image


Eh, this movie really doesn’t belong.  Its presence in our collection is merely a tribute to the fame and success of Eminem at the time. He was on fire in 2002 and while this movie is mostly ridiculous he does have his moment in it.   While this role didn’t require him to show very much range I do think that it was a successful venture for him.  I think Eminem delivered a remarkable performance considering he had zero experience, and if nothing else we got some good music out of the film.  The right elements are there for a successful film, Curtis Hanson, Brian Glazer, and the credible, recent academy award winning actress Kim Basinger.  Nevertheless, it’s like a Rocky movie about rap, a long boring trek to 10 minutes of excitement. While at the time of its release I did really enjoy the film, I have since outgrown rap and find the movie mainly ridiculous.  I still think that it belongs in the collection however, it reminds me of a different time in my life.


This is not one of my favorite films in the least. While I appreciate a movie that follows a troubled soul, I feel I can’t really personally relate to the storyline. I am not part of the rap culture and therefore I find it hard to put myself into the movie, which I usually like to try and do. I do however really like the music that Eminem creates; it contains so much pain and personal strife that it can be relatable to anyone who has had a tough time in life. He should stick to rapping and not acting. Kim Basinger is an actress I can take or leave, but in my opinion she looked way to good and young to be the mother of Eminem. Ryan said it right when he wrote, “a long boring trek to 10 minutes of excitement.” The battle was great, but damn was it a boring journey to get there. All in all this is one of my least favorites on the DVD shelf.


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