Movies Not to Watch

Time gets funny the older you get, the joke is that is doesn’t last as long.  Time is special, once you’ve had it long enough it starts to elude you quicker.  Suddenly great chunks of it have passed and you barely noticed.  Personally I try to make the most of my time, I recognize the fact that it has started moving faster and I want to squeeze every drop of life and excitement out of it as I go along.  Movies, Television, Entertainment, they take up a large amount of our time.  I decided to create this section purely to discourage you, to try to help you avoid wasting your time on something not worth it.  When I finish a long movie that sucks now I’m no longer disappointed, I’m angry! I can’t get those hours back and I could have used them for something that was worth it.  If I can discourage you from wasting your time on the crap I wasted mine on, then I feel I am helping society, I am helping you, recognizing that your time is valuable.

Rocky Balboa

For years now this film has been penciled in at the top of my “Worst Movies Ever” list, but I had not yet seen Caddyshack II. Stallone took it too far this time, without doubt.  I mean for every guy that said “this is really stupid” in 1990 after seeing Rocky V there was at least one and a half going “ehhh, it was ok I guess.” At least Rocky V made sense, if nothing else it laid the ground work for a show like “Lights Out” (typical, but really cool show). Rocky Balboa was just stupid.  Why the hell would the heavy weight champion of the world take an exhibition fight so seriously? The guy breaks his hand fighting Rocky but plays through the pain, it just doesn’t make sense.  My personal favorite aspect of the film to poke fun at is the heavy weight champion’s name, “Mason Dixon.” I mean Stallone had given up at that point right?  Thats when you can really see the roids eaten into his brain because he appears to not be trying anymore.  This film is just stupid plain and simple, it was a ridiculous notion to drag a somewhat respected franchise out of the ashes just to piss all over it. Stallone must have been desperate for the money, I’ll give him credit, the guy looked damn good for his age. He was juicing of course, stopped at an airport and caught with the drugs.  I think he was 60 when this movie was made, if he wanted that sixth movie bad enough to do that to himself then to each his own.


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