Movies Not to Watch


First of all, let me explain and don’t misunderstand me.  I just watched Thor and I thought it was awesome, another great addition to the Marvel canon. I will review the movie itself when we get to the “T” section of our collection, we will own it when it is available to buy. I’m listing the 3D version of it here under “movies not to watch” because I want to encourage you to see the 2D version.

Since the release and phenomenal success of Avatar there has been a trend slowly building that I think we will see more of.  Avatar was amazing, it was special because of those three dimensional effects.  However it’s economic success was aided by the fact that tickets to see Avatar in 3D were four dollars higher than most ordinary tickets, because of the glasses that are required.  However, the thing about Avatar is that we don’t know how much money was spent on that movie, the budget was never released but it was known that it was a substantially higher than average number even for a big budget film.  You simply can’t create those same kind of effects on a typical big budget of $200 million or less, the technology doesn’t seem to be there yet.  All other 3D movies that have come out since Avatar have failed in comparison and there is a reason.

Some movies should be left alone, but the guys sitting on top see an opportunity to make more money and something is lost in the process.  Thor was a great movie but watching it in 3D was awful and a waste of time.  The 3D shots had backgrounds blurred out, like the budget could only afford the 3D effects on the main characters.  It was distracting and disrupted the movie, the strength of the film is obvious in the fact that despite this I still thought this was a really good movie.  I hope you go see it yourself, but if you do I implore you to watch it in 2D and save your extra four bucks for those damned glasses.


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