American Pie 2

Year: 2001
Directed By: J .B. Rogers
Written By:  Adam Herz


This is a funny movie, but it’s nothing great.  Were it not part of a trilogy package I don’t know that we would own it at all. This is all more of the same really, the movie isn’t that much different from the first.  Classic scenarios from the original are redone and taken a step farther and popular characters from the original are given expanded roles.  It’s a typical sequel to a popular comedy, they are all the same.  Something we should think about this week before going to see The Hangover 2 this weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I think that The Hangover 2 will be hilarious, I’m just saying that it will only be more of the same.  Several scenarios from the first film will be taken a step further, this is obvious already as Stu has a tattoo on his face, a step up from pulling his own tooth out in the original.  Certain popular characters from the original will have expanded roles, I imagine this will be Ken Jeong, his star has been rising.  Still, don’t let me discourage you from seeing the film, The Hangover 2  will be hilarious, I will be going to the theater to see it myself.  Sometimes cheap shameless humor is good for the soul.

All the aspects of the typical comedy sequel are here.  Several classic scenarios from the original are taken a step further all through the film.  Instead of getting caught jerking off by his parents Jim is caught having casual sex for the first time.  Instead of drinking cum laced beer Stifler is given a golden shower by John Cho. Finch bangs Stifler’s mom again blah blah blah, this list could go on forever. Certain popular characters from the original film are given expanded roles.  Seann William Scott gets a lot more screen time but I think he was a little over the top for most of the film.  However Eugene Levy also had an expanded role and he is very funny. There is no substance to these pointless comedy sequels that are rushed into and through production but they are always good for a laugh.  This movie is stupid, but it’s not that bad.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it but it’s not a total waste of time.


I think this movie is OK but it will never beat the first one in my opinion.  I like the reference to the original and the title in the opening scene when Jim’s mom drops an apple pie. I also love that they are off on a trip together after high school. For me, it went along with the time period that I was in. I think it is a really funny movie. At the time I laughed my ass off and thought nothing was funnier, but then Apatow starting making films. It’s funny, but I’ve seen funnier.

NEXT MOVIE: American Wedding (2003)

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