Movies Not To Watch


I was watching a rerun of SNL earlier today and there was a commercial skit where men were getting hair transplants. However the problem at hand was that the hair on the back of the head was too fair, so they had to find courser hair for this new procedure and used pubes in the transplant.  That’s what Alex Pettyfer looks like in this movie, like he got a hair transplant and put pubes on the top of his head. The stupid looking pube hair just adds to the stupid look he already has on his face the whole movie. This kid is a horrible actor, I really doubt we will see much of him in the future. This movie is for children, it has a strong Nickelodeon feel to it. I’m not going to waste anymore  time thinking about this movie, it was a waste of time and I don’t know what we were thinking when we rented it. This is an awful movie all around, don’t make the same mistake we did!


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