Movies Not To Watch


This was too little too late from Bryan Singer, who destroyed this franchise himself over five year ago when he dumped X-Men 3 for the hopeless Superman reboot.  I had high hopes for his return to the franchise but I have been gravely disappointed.  I think Bryan Singer is a great filmmaker but I have hated him since he ruined this franchise.  X2 was an incredible movie and a great follow up to a pretty good first film, there was no reason the third film shouldn’t be just as good as the second. Out of no where Bryan Singer decided to abandon the series and it passed through a handful of people before landing in the hands of the hack Brett Ratner.  The movie was awful, despite a very good cast it was poorly made and a completely ridiculous story. X-Men: First Class is just as bad I’m afraid, I seriously doubt there will be any follow-ups to this reboot.

X-Men is part of a universe with so many exciting characters, it makes no sense to me for there to be movies made about X-Men with made up characters in it.  The third X-men movie did this exact same thing and it was ridiculous then too.  There are literally hundreds of characters to chose from and the writers are making up a girl with fairy wings that spits fire balls? This movie is dumb, but it is especially bad for the comic book fan because it’s not even remotely what it should be.  The script was very generic, the actors were awful for the most part, and it didn’t engage me at all.  Michael Fassbender was a great Magneto but honestly, I thought he was over acting at times.  Why was Havok in the movie? January Jones and Jennifer Lawrence were both bad and poorly cast.  James McAvoy seems to be under the impression that Professor X had some kind of button on his temple that activated his powers.  I think Kevin Bacon looked good on paper, but come on, were they really taking this thing seriously?

I don’t expect a movie made about a comic book to follow the story line perfectly, but it should at least remotely follow the story that its actually based on. The third X-Men movie was just like this, no respect for the original storyline.  I knew within the first five minutes of this film that I wasn’t going to like it and I suffered through the whole thing.  Don’t make the same mistake I did, I cannot get that time or money back, go see Thor (not in 3D) instead, it’s a good Marvel movie.  X-Men: First Class did offer one scene that was awesome, and it involved an incredible and unexpected cameo. I cannot stress enough how much that was the only good part, and that doesn’t make the movie worth seeing.

UPDATE: I have made a mistake, the girl with the fairy wings, Angel Salvadore, is in fact a real character from the X-Men universe.  I don’t know this character and didn’t recognize her in an origin movie because she wasn’t created until nearly 40 years after that origin.

UPDATE 2: I am leaving this post up because it does represent my initial impression of the film but my opinion has changed since.  I wrote an updated review a year or so later after watching the film again on TV.  You can read that review here.


  1. The character that Zoe Kravitz play wasn’t just made up for the movie. Angel Salvadore first appeared in New X-Men #118. She know goes by the name Tempest.

  2. The girl with the “fairy wings” has been a character in the X-Men books for some time now. The readers know who she is…

    1. I stand corrected, I suppose there are several newer characters that I wouldn’t recognize these days. I have been an X-Men fan since I was a kid but I always focus on the classics. Angel has been a character since 2001 and I haven’t read any of the x-men comics of the 2000s. When I go to see a movie about the beginning of X-Men I think it should actually be about Xavier’s first class, based on the storyline of the film there is really very little reason it couldn’t have been closer. Cyclops in the place of Havok for example, the film even shows cyclops while Xavier is using Cerebro. I’ve never really liked Cyclops, but he is the first X-Man and important to the story. Don’t get me wrong, I knew what the movie was and who the characters were going in, but the fact that I found the movie so awful made all the little things bother me all the more. I really expected this movie to be awesome and was excited to see it, I was just very disappointed. There might be a newer storyline in the comics that this movie is based off and I’m sure many people would love it. I am just not a fan of retelling a good story and making it something else, but that’s just me. Excuse my mistake, but thank you for pointing it out.

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