Back to the Future III

Year: 1990
Directed By: Robert Zemeckis
Written By: Robert Zemeckis


This movie is just as silly if not sillier than it’s counterpart, but I like this one as well.  This movie was made at the same time as Back to the Future II and released six months later.  I was a kid when I saw this for the first time and it was one I was allowed to watch often.  This movie isn’t meant to be taken seriously, like it’s predecessors it is just a fun, simple film.  I wouldn’t really say this movie was worth your time, but it’s something you can watch with your kids and that makes it worth something.  If you watch it with them before they are texting and facebooking then hopefully they will love it as many of us did when we watched it as children.

The idea for time traveling to the old west came from Michael J Fox, who said that time period as one he would be interested doing when Robert Zemeckis asked him. Making this film about the old west wasn’t a bad idea really, but after making a film about a very imaginative 2015 there’s really no going wrong.  If nothing else, this movie closes out a great trilogy.


In my opinion, they should have stopped at number two. I am not a fan of this one at all. I can watch the first and second movie all day long, but I cannot stand to watch the third one. I guess that they just wanted to show the super past since they went to the future in the last one? I don’t know, but I am not a fan and I wish that they would have only made the first two. I understand Ryan’s reasoning when he said it isn’t meant to be taken seriously, and by all means, I do not…but I feel like it was written just to give them another way to get the car back to the 80s. I would stop watching at the second one if I were you and you haven’t seen these films. And if you haven’t seen them, are you living under a rock?

NEXT MOVIE: Bad Boys (1995)


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