Balls of Fury

Year: 2007
Directed By: Robert Ben Garant
Written By: Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant


This is a stupid movie, and maybe it doesn’t really belong in the collection but I like it all the same.  It’s dumb but it has its moments and I like the Enter the Dragon theme.  Inserting Ping-Pong into that scenario is silly enough to make everyone laugh and the Reno 911 guys got enough funny people together to make it work, sort of. I wouldn’t really call this a successful movie by any means but I wouldn’t call it a complete failure either.

I have always thought Reno 911 was a very funny show, and I think Thomas Lennon is great in everything he does.  Whether he is the short short wearing LT. Dangle or the uber-German ping pong player we see in this film he is always funny. I am a great fan of Christopher Walken, and when it comes to films like this I think we have to appreciate his effort to keep making movies, he is nearly 70 years old now.  We should all be grateful he continues to share his talent with us when he could have retired years ago.  I am not a fan of George Lopez but he isn’t that bad here, he has a couple of jokes worth hearing.  Dan Fogler has his moments and plenty of opportunities to be funny, but he tends to be stupid as often as he is funny. However, I do think that when you make that decision during production, to make that guy the star of your film, you have already made a mistake. Robert Ben Garant should have played the part himself, it would have made a funnier movie.  Many great cameos here by really funny people like David Koechner, Diedrich Bader, Kerri Kenney, Patton Oswald, and Aisha Tyler. Also, nobody looks more official in military garb than Robert Patrick, well cast as the father. Terry Crews as Freddy Fingers is short lived but awesome.

I like this movie but it’s not one I would recommend heavily because it is a stupid movie.  Somewhat of a guilty pleasure I suppose, and because I saw it around the height of a Bruce Lee phase.  Don’t go out of your way to see this one but don’t run away from it if you catch it channel surfing.


Ugh, I usually really find humor in movies like this one, but I couldn’t hate this one more. I have tried and tried to find humor in it, but every time I watch it I find it less funny than the previous time. I hate this movie so much that I don’t even want to waste any time writing about this. Ryan loves it, I don’t know why….but I seriously don’t recommend it. Don’t do it!

NEXT MOVIE: Basic Instinct (1992)

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