The Butterfly Effect

Year: 2004
Directed By: Eric Brees and J. Mackye Gruber
Written By: J. Mackye Gruber and Eric Brees


I have always been a fan of clever psychological thrillers, and this one really surprised me when I saw it for the first time.  This movie not only stars Ashton Kutcher but he served as executive producer as well.  I detest Kutcher, and especially in 2004 when he was popular to the point of being annoying, and for doing nothing.  However, I do like to give credit where it is due and Kutcher did a good job with this film.  The story is interesting and some of the performances are really exceptional.

Movies that are written and directed by the same person, or persons in this case, are usually rare gems in the movie world when they are successful. I can think of several examples by both one hit wonders and by men who went on to make a career of their talent.  I think it is the best directors who write the movies they make actually.  While I may not know the two guys who made this movie I do think it is a better movie because it was directed by the guys that wrote it.  This movie only got made because Ashton Kutcher got on board as Executive Producer and cast in the lead role.  I think Kutcher is a talentless hack, but he carries a lot of weight in the media world despite what I think.  I’m not sure why he is famous, I liked him on That 70s Show but he wasn’t anything special.  I may not remember correctly but he seemed to only be famous for the people he hung out with and for being in a relationship with a woman twice his age and I don’t get that. I get why people liked Punk’d so much but I always thought it was cheap and immature. I think his Harold and Maude thing with Demi Moore is gross, and over publicized. To this day I still don’t think he has done much to explain his popularity, even his role in this film isn’t exceptional.  It’s the other performances and the story that make this film worth wild. I may not like him but I know many people do, and he will only become more popular now that he has been cast in Two and a Half Men.

I would have to say the greatest performance in this film was Jesse James playing the part of the wild and crazy 13-year-old Tommy.  He was so sadistic and violent when he got angry that he actually scared me.  It was a very impressive performance coming from an actor so young.  I like Ethan Suplee as the gothic roommate, and I liked Amy Smart but she really disappeared after this movie.  This movie was made better by these performances but it was already a good movie because it is a clever idea. Clever movies have been made less and less over the last 10 years in favor of more recognizable and rebooted movies that will make more money. We have to appreciate the clever ideas because they are scarcer now more than ever. This is a good movie and it is worth your time.


This movie is very interesting. I really like the concept of the film and the people who are in it. This movie revolves around the childhood of this kid (the older version played by Ashton Kutcher) that constantly blocks things out. Some of them make sense as to why he blacked out and others are more vague. When he is older he realizes he has this ability to recall the past and change it. He got the ability from his father who ultimately ended up in a mental institution. The guy that plays the super crazy and demented Tommy (Jesse James) is probably the most outstanding actor in this film. I feel like I am actually, very terrified of him and the others that are around him.

I really recommend this film if you haven’t seen it. It is interesting what he tries to accomplish in order to change the lives of the characters involved, and while he wants everyone’s life to be perfect, he soon realizes that life isn’t like that. You can’t make everything perfect for everyone.

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