The Chinese Connection

Year: 1972
Directed By: Wei Lo
Written By: Wei Lo.


Bruce Lee was a God among men.  One of the biggest icons of all time. Probably the biggest icon when you take into account that the main body of his work was done over a two-year period before his death. His physical perfection, his discipline, and his philosophy are all things that every one of us can learn from.  He only gave us four full films before his tragic and untimely death and we must cherish all of them because they are all we have. Die young as a celebrity and you will live forever.  That is especially true for Lee who is still an icon to this day.  He died when he was 32, and he was only then beginning to blossom into the mega superstar he was becoming.  I will discuss Bruce Lee at greater length when we get to some of his other films.

This is a really campy movie and I wouldn’t recommend actually watching it because it isn’t worth your time in that sense.  There are long retarding points to the story that don’t make the movie worth watching.  What makes this film worth watching are the fight scenes, and the skill and choreography of a true master.  Lee is incredible in any and all fight scenes.  He was still developing as an actor and there are plenty of silly scenes where he goes a little over the top, specifically in the film’s opening. This was Bruce Lee’s second film and the first in which he displayed his skill with the nunchuks.  For all practical purposes Lee made the weapons the popular fixture in martial arts that they have become today. As a matter of fact, for all practical purposes Lee is the father of martial arts films in America.  He popularized the movement in American films that is still growing to this day.  He was the best, and the fight scenes in his movies still rival those of today.  People have a natural thirst and desire to see fights. It’s a guilty pleasure for some and an open fascination for many of us but it is there in all of us all the same.

Bruce Lee was the greatest martial artist of all time and everyone should see all of his films to understand why.  Don’t bother wasting time with the story when you watch this one, just fast forward to the fight scenes and enjoy the show.  It doesn’t matter what they are fighting about, Bruce Lee is the good guy and he probably has a really good reason for kicking the asses of all those bad guys.  There are messages about racism in this film and a loose footnote of actual Chinese history but personally I’m not interested in that.  Chinese Connection is my least favorite Bruce Lee film, but all Lee films hold weight with me because there are only four.

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