Year: 2002
Directed By: Kurt Wimmer
Written By: Kurt Wimmer


I think in 1999 Kurt Wimmer saw The Matrix, and shortly after suddenly figured out how to put the finishing touches on his futuristic 1984like story that he was writing.  I saw something in this film when I was in college, but I found the opening sequence a little silly this time around. As the movie has progressed I haven’t been able to get into it at all and have found it all a bit much. I think I must have bought this movie in the aftermath of Batman Begins when I was on an exaggerated Christian Bale kick.  That or maybe when I was younger the gun fu was more appealing, but this time around it just isn’t enough.

Christian Bale does have his moments in this movie but overall I think his character was more than obvious throughout most of the film.  The obvious nature of his character doesn’t really go along with the story well and in fact makes the whole thing impractical altogether. What I mean is, in this society where nobody feels, every single person in that society would notice the minute that Bale’s character began to do so. He is running through the streets, looking dolefully at puppies, weeping when he hears music the first time, and even breaking down crying in the streets of the city. It doesn’t matter what is practical with a movie like this though, it’s only good for the action sequences.  Sean Bean is wasted in this movie; he is an awesome actor and should have gotten a larger part.  Taye Diggs just isn’t any good in this one. He spends most of the movie overacting but he has a great ending. The rest of the cast wasn’t necessarily impressive either and that doesn’t help the film out any.

Christian Bale kills 118 people in this movie, giving him the third highest death count of all time in a movie.  Most of those 118 come in the climax at the end of the movie, but that’s about the only thing that makes this movie memorable. I did not enjoy watching it this time around and don’t know any more if it even belongs in our collection at all. By the end of this one the whole story just seems stupid and a revolution is covered in a matter of seconds after the climax.  I like certain things about this movie like the action and the style, but that all seems like a rip off from The Matrix. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anybody at this point and don’t think it is even worth your time.


Oh Christian Bale. He is one of those actors that I really would never like to meet because he just seems to not really be a nice person in real life. But, he is also one of those incredible actors, and I have to admit that he is awesome even though I really don’t like him. (Unlike Ryan. He won’t watch a thing with Sean Penn in it.) I like this film okay. I seem to really get in to anything that is set in a different time on Earth. I like to see what people can come up with. I think it could be really hard for us to imagine a world without feelings, art, books among anything that provokes a feeling. It has action, intrigue and mystery. I like that in a movie. If you haven’t seen it, it’s an okay pick.

NEXT MOVIE: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

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