Year: 2004
Directed By: Jeff Schaffer, Alec Berg, and David Mandel
Written By: Jeff Schaffer, Alec Berg, and David Mandel


This is a really stupid movie but I have always enjoyed it and it still makes me laugh.  It is pretty similar to Road Trip, which came out four years prior. I think this movie does just enough to set itself apart and make it memorable, for me anyways.  I know a guy from high school who looks exactly like Matt Damon in this movie, and he is the lead singer of a band now.  I love that song he sings “Scotty doesn’t know,” it stays with me for days.  Otherwise there isn’t much more worth mentioning here, mediocre cast in the leading roles with the support of several big names in cameos. Aside from Damon, Lucy Lawless, Vinnie Jones, Fred Armisen, Diedrich Bader, and the incredibly funny Jeffrey Tambor appear in cameo roles. They all came together for this movie and were very funny. In the lead cast Jacob Pitts was exceptionally funny and I will always remember him from this movie. The others were funny as well but have done little else with their careers. This is a quick and pointless movie so if you know that going in I think it is worth your time.  It’s a funny movie that I always enjoy seeing, but nevertheless it doesn’t deserve much more than this as far as a review goes.


Watch it! Simple and hilarious.

NEXT MOVIE: Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998)

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