Ever After: A Cinderella Story

Year: 1998
Directed By: Andy Tennant
Written By: Susannah Grant


If I put too much effort into this review I would have to get up and take a long wondering look at myself in the mirror because I wouldn’t know the guy looking back at me.  This is a movie made for fourteen year old girls and  it was a real challenge for me just to sit through half of it.  I remember this movie being in the family collection among all the adrenaline fueled action movies when I was younger.  It was for my sisters, and now it is in our collection for my wife.  Undoubtedly my daughters will one day identify with this silly movie as well so I suppose it should stay on the movie rack.  If you are a teenage girl then by all means see this because I suppose it is worth your time.  Otherwise keep channel surfing because you will find something more interesting in a heartbeat.


Oh emm gee…he like didn’t even write about the actors in this movie.

This movie is definitely for a fourteen year old girl, but I still love it. I loved it then and I love it like I will always love Clueless. This movie stars Drew Barrymore as the poor little girl whose father dies early in the movie, leaving her with a stepmother she barely knows and her two step-sisters. (A classic Cinderella story.) Her evil stepmother is played by the great Anjelica Huston who is a favorite of Wes Anderson, a personal movie hero to both Ryan and myself. They play very well opposite each other, and I do believe Angelica Huston is very, very good at playing a bad guy. This movie plays out just like Cinderella. It is very sappy and it is very much for the fourteen year old girl inside yourself.

NEXT MOVIE: E.T.: Extra-Terrestrial 

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