Fists of Fury

Year: 1971
Directed By: Wei Lo
Written By: Wei Lo


One of the most frequently searched questions that brings people to our site is about Bruce Lee breaking his back, as seen in the movie Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.  In the movie Bruce Lee is drop kicked from behind by an opponent he has beaten and his back is broken after the blow. He goes through a long recovery process in the hospital in which his wife motivates him to continue with his work.  This did not happen, Lee did fight that opponent but not under those circumstances and he was not attacked from behind.  Lee did spend time in the hospital due to a back injury he sustained doing an extreme weight lifting exercise.  He didn’t actually break his back however.  There is also a scene in that film that takes place during the filming of this film, Fists of Fury/The Big Boss. The brother of the man who “broke Lee’s back” comes after him and they have a violent and elaborate fight.  Cool idea, but it never happened.  I like Dragon, but it is nowhere close to the truth.

I have discussed Bruce Lee to an exhaustive length over the past few letters in the movie collection.  For my thoughts on Lee’s life and career see these reviews: The Chinese Connection, Enter the Dragon, and the link attached in the first paragraph takes you to our review of Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.  I am a big fan of everything Lee did, and this movie is no different.  We see him in the beginning of his career in this movie. He was still developing the charisma that would make him such an electrifying celebrity, but it wasn’t there so much this first time around.  His fights are all good, but he seems raw at times, obviously still working on and perfecting his fighting style.  Overall I like this movie though, I don’t sit all the way through it often but I did for this review.  It isn’t a bad movie at all.  In a couple of Lee’s films (not Enter the Dragon, obviously) I would suggest just skipping to the fight scenes but this one I could sit through and still like.

Please check out our other reviews of Bruce Lee films but otherwise I am done talking about him until we get to Return of the Dragon in the movie collection.  By my best estimation that might be two or three years from now at least and I might have altogether different things to say about Bruce Lee then.  I idolize him, but I have written about him enough as of late.

NEXT MOVIE: Flatliners (1990)


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