Magic Mike

Hey you guys, it’s actually Amber. I know, I know. I can’t believe Ryan wouldn’t want to write a review about Magic Mike. So here I am writing a special review.

My friends and I went out after work last night to get dinner and then to see Magic Mike. It was such an incredibly fun night. This movie is just a lot of fun. Of course, I say that meaning this is a lot of fun if men are your thing. I can’t see Ryan ever, ever watching this movie.

Anyway, to the point here, what is Magic Mike about? It’s about Mike, this 30 year old super hottie played by Channing Tatum. He is a roofer by day, stripper by night and makes specialty furniture in his free time and building furniture ultimately is his passion in life. A chance meeting with Adam, played by Alex Pettyfer, ends up being a friendship in which he becomes close to Adam’s sister, (Cody Horn). He brings Adam into the stripper world where we meet the boss of the club, Dallas, played by Matthew McConaughey. Alright, Alright, Alright. Ladies, you probably see more of Matthew in this movie than you have ever seen before. One of the ending scenes leaves super little to the imagination. Another notable name in the stripping troupe is Joe Manganiello, and he plays Big Dick Richie.

[Click on the character names above to see a yummy picture from the movie]

Because the theater was filled with mostly women, we all screamed when it started and laughed throughout. This movie is no Oscar worthy film, it isn’t moving and the love story is hardly a love story at all, but this movie is SO incredibly fun. We all had a blast and the men are smoking hot. Why not just go ahead and make it a girls night and go see it.

Have Fun!


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