Guess Who

Year: 2005
Directed By: Kevin Rodney Sullivan
Written By: Lots of people, this isn’t the kind of movie where that matters.


I used to avoid seeing this movie, as I typically try to avoid almost anything that has Ashton Kutcher in it.  I begrudgingly agreed to watch it a few years ago when my sister insisted that I would love it.  I did too; this movie had me laughing the whole time.  When we were approaching the “G” section of our movie collection I actually went out of my way to buy this movie and add it into the collection. This is a fairly typical movie but it is funny and showcases a great comedian that died before his time.

I was a big fan of Bernie Mac; I think he brought a great comedic presence to everything he was involved in.  He is great in a number of movies simply playing supporting or cameo roles.  In this film we really get to see him shine as he is the star. Mac had a great voice that put a funny spin on nearly everything he said and he had those bug eyes that made Jackie Gleason so famous when TV was just getting started.  In this movie Mac actually reminds me a lot of my own dad, a black version anyway.  He is uptight, overbearing, and a massive Jeff Gordon fan.  Not only that but he specifically says and does things in the same manner my dad would in this film and that makes it funnier to me. In 2008 Bernie Mac died suddenly from complications when he was hospitalized with pneumonia. Mac had a disease called sarcoidosis that he had said was in remission during the time this film was made in 2005.  The disease has something to do with inflammation and affect the organs in the body, particularly the lungs.  It was an unfortunate problem to have and even more unfortunate that it took such a talented entertainer from us.  I will miss Bernie Mac and always cherish the movies like this one that maintain his legacy.

I loathe Ashton Kutcher because I have never been able to figure out what the big deal was.  For most of my adult life he has been a really marketable celebrity that was everywhere,  I always felt like he grew so popular by simply acting like a douche bag on his MTV show Punk’d. I never thought Punk’d was funny, only immature and messed up.  I remember one episode where he tried to punk Warren Sapp.  Sapp didn’t see the humor in it, instead getting really angry.  What was funny was that Ashton Kutcher didn’t run out in that episode to have a laugh with his victim, he didn’t come out at all.  What a loser. I can’t stand the guy that tries to pull that on the wrong person then can’t own up to it when the person gets seriously pissed. Nevertheless Kutcher is funny in this movie and I can admit that.  I may not like him but he isn’t that bad, he had great chemistry with Bernie Mac in this movie too.

I think this is a really funny movie that anybody can enjoy.  I think it’s also a great opportunity to remember and laugh with a really funny comedian. Bernie Mac will be missed and all his ultra dark glory, RIP MacMan.  This movie is worth your time and I would recommend it to anyone.


This is an easy-going and fun movie. I think it’s a funny take on the relationships between black and white people. About culture differences and takes on life in general. Of course, this movie leads you to see that everyone is the same and love can happen between anyone. I really like the take they have on race. This movie is funny and easy to watch. You can usually catch it on TBS if you try. I really recommend it.

NEXT MOVIE: Gung Ho (1986)

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