Walking Dead Season 3 Premier

Following the incredible season finale back in March I have found myself really looking forward to season 3 of the show.  I haven’t always been the biggest fan of this show; even going as far to refer to it regularly as “The Walking Cry Babies Who Sometimes See Zombies.” I stuck with it all through a mostly boring season last year though to find myself shocked when I was blown away at the end.  I thought so much of the finale that I wrote a post about it, you can read it here. All summer promos for the new season aired and as they came on they began to reveal more and more.  The show was looking better all the time and I was really excited to see it last night.

I can gladly say that my anticipation was not unfounded.  The show was everything I have always wanted it to be and more for the first time ever last night.  This show is finally maximizing its potential and doing things right.  We should have a really exciting season ahead of us.

I like that you can immediately see how hardened the characters have become in the world they are living in. Time has passed since last season and the group has had to endure and they have all struggled to survive.  They are dirty, they are direct, and they are hungry.  Nobody is bitching about anything anymore they are only focused on surviving in a world that has become much harder to navigate through.  Finally they are being smart about using their guns as Rick and Carl were both using silencers.  I like that the desperation of their situation is evident without them having to spell out everything with relentless dialogue. There was no shortage of zombies in this first episode and no shortage of action either.  The entire episode was practically nonstop excitement with obvious allusions for more to come.  I thought it was great.


I mentioned the last time I wrote about the show that in the comic it is strongly implied that the baby Lori is carrying is actually Shane’s baby.  There is no way for anybody to know for sure but I think the distance we see between Rick and Lori is making it obvious that they both fear and expect the baby to be Shane’s.  The problems with Lori having a baby post-zombie-apocalypse go much farther than her own personal health and survival during the delivery.  The baby presents dangers for the entire group that they may or may not have realized yet.  Babies cry, and in a world where hoards of zombies are attracted to sound that can be a very dangerous thing.  Of course they seem to be safe for now in the prison where they are protected from the zombies that a screaming baby will draw.  However in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse it isn’t the dead you really need to fear, but the living. Once you survive the dead, you must face what the living has come to.  We will finally see in this season the real dangers of the world our characters live in.  When order breaks down the strong rise to power, and sometimes the strongest are the most vile and ruthless. In a world where every day is a challenge to survive resources become scarce.  When you have the resources your fellow man is a danger that no dead man can ever present.  In this season we will see a new villain rise, The Governor, and he will want what the group has managed to secure for themselves.  In the comic there is a major assault on the prison by The Governor and his people.  During the assault both Lori and her baby are killed along with many other characters.  This information is readily available all over the place because the comics have been out for some time.  There is still no telling how true the show will stay to the comic though so in truth anything could happen.

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