Boardwalk Empire

I am a big fan of this show and I have been watching since the beginning.  The entirety of season 3 was nothing short of incredible. This show has had its ups and downs but has come full circle in season 3. I expect big things to come in season 4.  Season 3 was action packed and powerful all throughout. Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thompson as finally become the ruthless badass he needs to be.  Not only did he prove in this season that he has the balls to step up to the heat but he showed us that he is the baddest of all the mobsters and isn’t afraid to prove it.  I thought Bobby Cannavale was great as the main antagonist and enjoyed his story line. This season we finally saw Al Capone come into his own and it was awesome.  Next season I think we will see Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky rise into greater power.  Obviously Joe Masseria and Arnold Rothstein will be the main antagonist of the next season and I can’t wait to see how things unfold.  If you are a fan of this show then leave me a comment and let me know what you think about it. I need some discussion on this show and know no one else that watches it.  The season 3 finale was absolutely incredible and I want desperately to talk about it.  So I want to open up discussion here for fans. What do you think will happen in season 4? What other mobsters would you like to see come into the fold? Will Bugsy Siegel’s character become more of an important part in the next season? Will they eventually go into a story line where he heads out to create Las Vegas and gets killed for it? Let me know what you think in the comments section and let this begin an open discussion on the show.


  1. Here’s something to look for in season 4. Ester Randolph is based on the real life Mabel Willebrandt, who indeed was an assistant attorney general responsible for the enforcement of the Volstead act. She was the highest ranking woman in the entire Harding administration. In 1924–by which time it was now the Coolidge administration–a strong arm was needed to run the investigation bureau that would later become the FBI, in part to investigate the Harding administration scandals. Willebrandt advocated strongly for, and was instrumental in the appointment of, an ally of hers to take this roll. His name, of course, was J. Edgar Hoover. I wonder who they will get to play that role?

    1. J. Edgar Hoover and the creation of the FBI would be awesome! Do you think there is any possibility we see the Castellammarese War? I am not sure what specific year the show is in now but it has to be getting close to when the conflict started in 1929.

      1. Show was in 1923 this past year which is why the J Edgar Hoover appointment in 1924 would make sense next year. Actually the Bureau was started in 1908, but was just called the BOI (Bureau of Investigation). It later became the FBI.

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