The Walking Dead is Back!

The Walking Dead has finally returned and just in time.  I made it through the season three break by reading all of The Walking Dead comics and now I am really psyched about the show’s return.  The comic is incredible although very different from the show.  The show has become awesome in its own way now and I will be eagerly waiting Sunday nights every week for the next couple of months.


I thought the new episode this past Sunday was great although not a whole lot happened.  I am glad the group didn’t just accept Merle into the fold but really hate that Daryl chose his brother over them.  Daryl and Merle are both original characters on the show so there is no telling where they will go from here.  I think Daryl is one of the best characters on the show and I’m confident he will be brought back into the fold soon.  Obviously from the next week’s preview we will continue to see what he and his brother are doing away from the group.  Merle is an interesting character and I have always liked Michael Rooker.  Although the guy is such an ass.  It annoys me to no end that they go in there and rescue him only for him to immediately start talking shit as soon as they are away.  I wonder if this is something that will begin to get on Daryl’s nerves.  He is loyal to his brother but it has been some time since they were acquainted and things can change over time.  I think the previews for next week indicate that Rick will leave the group in search of Daryl.  He needs his badass point man and knows it.  I don’t know if he will find them or not but I think we will eventually see Daryl return to the group regardless, with Merle or not.  I think the show wants to keep Michael Rooker around so I doubt we will see his demise and most likely the group will find a place for him.  He may get on my nerves a bit but that bayonet arm is just so awesome.


I will be really disappointed if the show goes too far with this.  I like the initial shot and image simply as a message that Rick is seriously losing it.  He is going crazy and will get even crazier but they all will.  The world these people live in now isn’t for the sane any longer and nobody will keep a firm grasp on their sanity, or don’t in the comics anyway. I think Lori has a really sexy silhouette but I do not want to see her enter into a speaking part or anything like that.  It’s just a bit too out there.  I guess it could work if they are making Rick crazy to that extent but I think they should just stick with “reality” and go back to the phone that Rick talked to her on months ago.  That is how it happened in the comic and I am more accepting of that.  I put reality in quotations because this is a world filled with zombies, but I feel like adding a ghost into the mix is a bit of a stretch and too much like True Blood. One way or another there is no going back from it at this point so I will simply hope they don’t get weird with it.


One of the most frequently searched questions that bring people to this blog is about who the father of the baby is.  I covered that extensively in our last post about The Walking Dead which you can read here. It is implied but never specifically said in both the show and the comic that the baby is Shane’s.  When Rick held the baby in the last episode he obviously looked uncomfortable and this is another way the show is telling us that he has his doubts.  As silly as it is, I kind of wished that when the camera panned around to the baby’s face it had shown us an image of Shane’s face over the baby’s crying like we would see in a stupid comedy.  The fact that so many people are out there seeking an answer to this question though is what really makes me nervous about Ghost Lori.  If there is an episode this season when Ghost Lori tells Rick that the baby is Shane’s I will be really disappointed because it would be really stupid, and a bit of a sell-out.


Tyrese is one of my favorite characters from the comic and I really look forward to seeing what the show does with him.  He is coming in much later in the story line than he did in the comic so there is no telling what will happen.  Tyrese is Rick’s number one person in the comic so it does make me fear a bit about what his emergence in the show will mean for Daryl’s character. One way or another I think we will soon see him and his group join Rick’s group at the prison pretty soon and I look forward to that.


I really look forward to what is to come with him.  He really isn’t even close to being as sadistic as he was in the comic but that’s not a bad thing.  I think he still holds plenty of possibility for creating mayhem on the show.  It sort of annoyed me in this last episode how people were freaking out over the guy that was bitten in Woodbury and how they reacted to the Governor simply walking out and shooting him.  How long have these people lived in this world? Are they unaware at this point that there is no saving that man once he has been bitten? That woman was shouting at Andrea to do something but what exactly did she think there was to be done? It’s just a pet peeve kind of thing but it annoyed me a bit.  Over a year after the dead started rising and eating the living people just shouldn’t be so stupid or weak.  Only the strong survive this situation and they don’t start running for their lives the minute something goes wrong.  All those people at the gate screaming “it isn’t safe here” are so stupid.  What do they think the world outside of those walls has to offer them?

Nevertheless I am really excited about this weekend’s upcoming episode and can’t wait till Sunday.  If you have read this far feel free to leave a comment and get a discussion going.  After all, we have to do something to pass the time while we wait for the next episode.

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