The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale

This wasn’t really what I wanted in the season finale but I can’t argue with the unexpected. Especially when the unexpected is so shocking, and this was a shocking finale.  Nothing under the sun could have prepared me for the death of Andrea, and here I have come to think of myself as an aficionado of The Walking Dead. I have long since hated the Andrea character on the show.  I don’t really like Laurie Holden and haven’t thought much about what she has done with the character.  Yet I was beginning to wane from that opinion in the last few weeks.  She has been such a badass this season and I was finally starting to think that she was living up to what her character was supposed to be.

In the comic Andrea is one of the most badass characters and eventually becomes all but Rick’s equal in a leadership role. Currently in the comic Rick and Andrea are a couple and at times Andrea seems more determined and in charge than Rick. I really thought the writers of the show were setting her up to fall into that role as time went on but clearly they are going to keep those of us that read the comic guessing.  That’s great though and I look forward to what kind of things they are going to come up with in the show next season.

I thought that in order to wrap this season up appropriately the finale should have been 2 hours long and had doubts that it could be done in one.  I like that the Governor simply went crazy on his own people instead of dying too soon.  He is an awesome villain and it would have been a waste to kill him off too soon.  I like the potential of him rebuilding a new force and coming back for a second go around at the prison.  The scene where Tyrese tells him he is staying behind and the Governor just glares at him gave me chills.  I can’t wait to see David Morrissey return to create new chaos.

I specifically like seeing Carl drift farther and farther into darkness.  Carl is just like this in the comic. He is a child growing up in the new world and adapting to it like no one else.  Morality isn’t what it used to be and Carl does what needs to be done whether it is considered right or wrong.  I think too much was made out of what he did last night by Herschel.  Carl told that kid to drop the gun and he didn’t.  Maybe he was going to simply hand it over but Carl didn’t tell him to hand it over, he told him to drop it.  If that kid had done what Carl told him to do he probably would have lived to the end of the episode but he didn’t.  Carl understands they live in a world now where chances like that just can’t be taken for granted.  That kid might have been looking at Carl as the smaller child standing next to a one legged old man and a girl holding a baby.  He might have thought he could over power Carl and take all of them out, be a hero for The Governor.  He didn’t know who he was messing with though. Carl doesn’t take chances like that and isn’t afraid to do the dirty work.

I’m glad Tyrese has finally joined the group at the prison but the more time that passes the more and I am disappointed with Tyrese.  In an effort to make him come across as reasonable and a clear good guy I think they have only made him seem weak.  I’m hoping when the show comes back on in October the writers do something to give him a little bit of an edge.

I don’t think I can make predictions for where the show might go from here any longer.  The shocking death of Andrea proves that they are prepared to keep those of us “in the know” on our toes.  In the comics there is an initial confrontation with The Governor and then things calm down for a bit.  Just as everything seems to be calming down and life is returning to what will serve as normal he returns.  In full force at that with a tank and army like the one we saw last night.  I don’t know where he can amass a new force but he has his two biggest badass henchmen with him and that’s a good starting point.

If you are looking for something to hold you over until October when the show returns let me strongly suggest you check out the comic.  It is not inhibited by any of the limitations that the show has by being on television.  Meaning simply that the comic is more brutal, graphic, and with nonstop action. The reason I like the comics and this story so much is because I think it is the end.  I don’t think there is really any hope for survival in this story.  I think this is plain and simple the end of humanity.  All we are doing is watching the final chapters of our species as they fight to survive for as long as they can.  That lack of any hope makes everything so much dire and opens the door for all kinds of possibility.  It’s why Carl was right to kill that kid when he didn’t drop the gun like he said.  Things will never go back to normal, the world is over and at this point it is survival of the fittest. In the end only the strongest will have survived and when that person dies they will join the masses as just another zombie.

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