Two Years, 214 Movies and Counting

We have now been writing this blog for two years and I think it’s time to simply cover our progress and give an update.  When we started this journey through our DVD collection I imagined it would probably take us about five years to complete.  Things have been moving along much faster than that though. In less than half that time we have written reviews for 214 of our movies and I think that we are somewhere around half way through the collection.  Currently where we stand we have three more movies in the “J” section, the Jurassic Park trilogy, and then the rest of the alphabet awaits us.

When Amber first came up with the idea to create and keep up with this blog I was really reluctant to do so.  Had she known then how much I would come to enjoy it I don’t know that she would have suggested it at all.  I have loved every bit of this journey we are on and probably too much if truth be told.  I love having a reason to watch these movies again and I really enjoy being able to share my opinions about them. I grew up watching movies and more often than not in my childhood they were where I turned for comfort and escape when things got difficult.  So many of these movies take me back to a specific time and place in my life that I had otherwise forgotten about.  Each new movie comes with so many possibilities that I never considered when we started doing all this.  In so many ways I think these reviews can sort of piece together and tell the story of me.  They are teaching me more about myself if nothing else and I am always eager to learn more.

Something else that has been a really pleasant surprise for me is how fascinating it has been to watch the blog catch on.  We have seen really significant growth over the past year as far as traffic and following goes.  It has been really encouraging as we continue to make this long trek through the collection. The internet is a big place these days with thousands if not millions of other people out there doing the exact same thing I am.  I am happy to have my small little niche of attention and appreciate everyone who takes the time to read our reviews.  I would like to encourage more feedback though because we are always happy to hear from others and reciprocate.

In closing I would simply like to thank all of our readers for your continued support. We have a lot left to cover and I am really looking forward to some of the great movies to come.  K-Z consists of somewhere in the neighborhood of 200-300 DVDs but that’s not all because our collection is always growing.  We have a great appetite for good stories and are always adding the ones that strike us as special.  I hope you have enjoyed what we have published so far and look forward to showing you what else the shelf has to offer.


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