Kindergarten Cop

Year: 1990
Directed By: Ivan Reitman
Written By: Murray Salem, Herschel Weingrod, and Timothy Harris


Having just watched and reviewed another movie from our “Arnold Schwarzenegger Comedy Collection” I wasn’t too enthused about watching this one.  It is another collaboration of Schwarzenegger and Ivan Reitman but this one is much funnier.  Like their other collaborations, this is a stupid movie when looked at as a whole, but at the same time this one offers too much to laugh at to simply be overlooked.

Schwarzenegger is way over the top as Detective Kimble to the point that it’s annoying but that’s where looking at this movie as a whole makes it stupid.  What make it funny are his interactions with the children and it’s not just funny it’s downright hilarious.  This big badass Austrian can handle any criminal under the sun but when he is faced with a group of five-year olds they eat him alive.  I literally didn’t even want to watch this movie but as I sit here I find myself laughing more and more. For nearly my entire life, every time I have heard the word “tumor” I can’t help but do my best Schwarzenegger impression (which is not good) and reply, “It’s not a tuma!”

This is a movie that can’t help but be funny because the situation alone is too comedic.  I have two small children myself and children can be such little monsters sometimes. Don’t get me wrong because I love them both more than anything in the world, but children can be trying.  Is there anything scarier in the world than trying to control a large group of them? Small children quickly develop a mob mentality when the wrong person is in charge and there is no stopping the chaos that can come. I think what makes this movie relevant despite everything else is that it captures that chaos and Schwarzenegger responds to it with a comedic element that I don’t know he is actually capable of.  I think his reactions to it are just downright honest to the situation and how anybody would react to it.  It’s just funnier in this case because it was America’s favorite shoot’em up muscle man trying to contain the insanity.

This scenario has been redone time and time again at this point but this was the first time I know of and that makes it the most relevant one.  Going strictly from memory I remember The Rock in a situation like this in some movie I didn’t see as well as Vin Diesel once doing something else similar.  It’s very rarely though I see a movie Vin Diesel is in so I definitely didn’t see that one. It’s always funny to see these big bad guys try to handle children though because all of us that have children know exactly how difficult it can be.  Dealing with a deadly drug dealer or some mastermind criminal bent on taking over the world can seem like small potatoes when you have lived with small children who have an energy and temperament that is simply supernatural.

This may be a stupid movie in many aspects but that doesn’t change the fact that it is without doubt worth your time.  I grew up watching Schwarzenegger shoot, beat, and kill countless men in film after film so this change of pace for him has always been one I liked a lot.  Any time I catch this movie on TV I can’t avoid it and I suggest you don’t either because if you haven’t seen it then you are missing out.


This was one of my absolute favorite movies when I was little. I think it was almost everyone my age’s favorite movie growing up. It was very quotable and I remember watching it late at night with my brother and laughing so hard my sides hurt. My dad loved Arnold. I remember him watching it with us and laughing just as hard as us.


I think this poster is clever. I love the main image. The typography is classic for its time which isn’t necessarily a good thing. I have to give it credit for being early on the eraser dust font though. Now, to use it would be too cliché. I love the image and the idea behind the poster. You never really see white like this covering a poster either. I think white helps to show the wholesome quality of the movie.

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