Knight and Day

Year: 2010
Directed By: James Mangold
Written By: Patrick O’Neill


When I first saw the advertisements for this movie I specifically remember thinking about how stupid it looked. Another movie featuring Tom Cruise as a secret agent just seemed redundant and it wasn’t very successful when it hit theaters.  I don’t know what prompted us to watch this when it was available to rent but Amber and I were both shocked to find that we loved it.  It’s such a fun and lighthearted movie that it caught us by surprise. It’s so funny, and filled with fast paced action. This is the kind of movie that you can just sit back and enjoy.  Turn your mind off and just watch the show.  Nothing really notable about this one, just a fun pointless movie.

Cruise and Cameron Diaz have great chemistry and they are both really funny in this movie. I loathe Tom Cruise and sometimes wonder if he is actually the Anti-Christ.  I wholeheartedly believe that man will run for President one day and that’s when we know the Scientologists are making their move. If they can maneuver their most popular member into a position of power we are all screwed.  It scares me because the American public is stupid and can be easily manipulated.  The Scientologists are crazy and dangerous people, their poster boy Tom Cruise is no different.  That is all beside the point though because as much as I don’t like him I can’t ignore the plain and simple truth, the guy is a hell of an actor.  He has a great track record and must be using some kind of cult voodoo because the man simply does not age.  In this movie he is so funny I can’t help but laugh.  He is so calm and collected all the time and another credit to his ability is that he does great stunts. I think you can see that he has fun in this movie; it shines through his performance and adds quite a bit to the movie.  Cruise is a veteran who knows his trade now and he just keeps making hits. This movie doesn’t really qualify as a hit for him but if a hater like me can recognize so much to like about it I think that anybody can.

Cameron Diaz, like Cruise, doesn’t seem to age very much.  I have never been a really big fan of hers either and while I don’t love most of her movies I can’t really say she hasn’t been successful.  It’s hard in the acting business to stick around as long as she has and she has done very well at that. I’m just not the biggest fan because most of the movies she makes are really not up my alley, and I have never been able to get over her performance as a really trashy woman in Feeling MinnesotaShe is a beautiful woman though and she can be really funny when she wants to be.  I think she is great in this movie and she works very well with her psychotic co-star.  Her panicking persona is hilarious matched up with the cool and calm Cruise who just keeps doing crazy things.

I was specifically told this movie was garbage at work the other day when I mentioned we were about to watch it.  I told my co-worker that he was crazy and needed to lighten up a bit.  Yes this is a stupid movie but there can be plenty to like about stupid movies sometimes.  This is a time when you see that but I will admit I don’t see it often.  I will not watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith because I can see how stupid that one is on the surface.  For all I know it is just as fun as this one though and I am missing out.  If you have seen this movie let us know what you thought about it.  I enjoyed it and continue to enjoy it every time we watch it so I’m telling you that this one is worth your time.


When I first saw the trailer for this movie I was intrigued. And I couldn’t really tell you why. It just seemed like it would be really funny. So I made Ryan watch it. And we actually liked it a lot. Neither of us are huge fans of either Tom Cruise or Cameron Diaz, but this movie is really great. They have incredible on-screen chemistry. If you haven’t had a second to check this one out you should. It’s a pretty funny and light hearted movie for those nights you don’t feel like thinking too much.

knightanddayThis is a really cool poster. It has a lot of nice blocky typography and it lines up. It is even skewed a bit and I always like that. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are so famous that having their silhouettes on the cover actually works. It alludes to the plot instead of giving too much away. I think this poster is really successful. 

NEXT MOVIE: A Knight’s Tale (2001)


  1. Great review! I’m with you guys. I am not a big fan of Cruise or Diaz but for some reason I liked this movie a lot. The scene in the diner with the pie guy absolutely slays me every time I see it.

  2. here’s another one that I also loved while the critics and audiences did not. Yes it is a bit far fetched and Cruise seems to sort of sleepwalk through such roles. But what makes this movie for me is Cameron Diaz.

    Call me a sucker but I love the happy adventurous movies. In such movies it never is the “what” which keeps you hooked. It is always the “how” and of course the chemistry between the two leads. And is it awesome in this movie….

    Whatever people may say about Cruise, he certainly is a charismatic actor. And the best part is that he makes such roles seem plausible. The charm of such movies are the impossible situations portrayed. I simply love the way April starts off as flustered…then panic….then resignation…then acceptance…and then….kick assing

    On a slightly different note though…Let me apologise in advance in case I write something offensive. ..I find it a little strange that people in the US are so insecure regarding Scientology. I am not in the US and therefore I must ask what is it that people are really scared of? I mean if a group of people believe something let them,,,why should one’s faith be threatened and why should one be afraid of it?

    1. I may have gone a bit far in what I said about Scientology. It’s just my opinion and I don’t know that it reflects public opinion in this country well. Scientology is widely regarded as a cult although it does have religion status. It’s a very young religion with very unusual beliefs. There is a fairly bad perception of it where I am from. I do not know any Scientologist but will say that if I met one I would probably regard the person as crazy. I would never intentionally offend anyone’s religious beliefs because I believe hold heartedly that the right to have those beliefs needs to be respected. I don’t see Scientology in this light though. It uses manipulation to lure people in and then extorts them for everything they have. There are stories that people are not allowed to leave once they join and if people are able to leave they don’t cast it in a good light. It’s an organization shrouded in a lot of secrecy and the more you look into it the weirder it is.

      I just like to tell my joke about how they want to put Tom Cruise in office one day, and sometimes I get a little carried away with it. I like to add that if Arnold Schwarzenegger can become the Govenator then anything is possible. Scientology has grown significantly in it’s short existence and I think it implies an aggressive agenda. So I kid that they are out to take over the country but it’s all a joke really. I have strong opinions about it but I don’t think I am authority on Scientology what so ever. I know what I know and it’s not good but there is plenty that I don’t know.

      Scientology is regularly talked about in the US because it has so many famous members. Cruise being the number one of course and he has often said many things based off his faith that don’t gel with the public. He is a terrific actor and nobody can take that away from him but he is a bit out there. When Katie Holmes wanted to leave him there was a lot of talk of her being a prisoner in her own home and stuff like that. I don’t know if any of that is true because I don’t really follow that type of news but I considered it all to be expected. I expected it simply because of how Scientology is perceived. When they finally split up it was expected a lot of secrets would be coming out but I don’t know if they did or not. Hollywood relationships are not something I’m interested in but we are bombarded everywhere with news of them so it’s hard not to notice.

      When Scientology comes up I have plenty to say about it because I have researched it before. I thought what I found out was crazy and I think it’s an interesting thing to talk about. It has no bearing on my personal life though. If I’m not mistaken the movement is much more prevalent out west. If there is any part of the organization in the area I live in I am unaware of it.

  3. Let me also make a recommendation here. If you liked this movie I am almost sure that you would also like “A Life Less Ordinary”…one of the earlier movies of Danny Boyle starring Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz….That movie is soooo…fantastical..

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