The Bear and The Maiden Fair

Warning, spoilers are all through this post. Read at your own risk. 

There are so many questions set out in this episode. First of all, if you want to know about who is torturing Theon then read this. The answer is no different.  If you would like to know why then formulate your own theories.  There is much to be discussed about the psychological issues going on with the Bastard of Bolton.  He is evil, pure unadulterated evil that simply takes pleasure in hurting others.  Theon is a hated character and a prized victim that fell into his lap and he can literally do whatever he wants with him. It’s as simple as that, the guy gets off on hurting the lordling that nobody would bother to ransom. He will keep torturing Theon for no other reason than he just enjoys hurting people and he can hurt Theon as much as he wants with no one to stop him.

Robb’s Baby

This part of the show really bothers me. If nothing else the one this that is really important in this story and series is tradition and nobility.  Robb broke his vows but he would NEVER have done it with a commoner from Valaryia. Such things are just not done in the world of Fire and Ice.  In the books he does break his vow to House Frey by bedding and then marrying a western woman of Noble birth.  She and Robb are truly in love but do not conceive a child.  Later we find out that her mother was in cahoots with Tywin Lannister the whole time and giving her daughter “moon tea” in the guise of a fertility potion.  For those of you who don’t know, “moon tea” is the morning after pill for the ladies of Westros. So Robb never conceives a child in the book and has no true heir to follow him.  I do not know what the show is intending to do with this pregnancy and will be interested to see where it goes.

Sansa and Tyrion

This is being drawn out much more than it ever was in the books.  In the book Sansa had no idea she was being wed to Tyrion until she was ushered down the aisle in what she suddenly realized was a wedding gown.  Tyrion was always kind to Sansa but she was much too guarded to ever trust him.  It is a shame as Tyrion is one of the only truly real good guys in this story and she is simply a naive and silly girl. Their marriage will be a very unhappy one in which Tyrion cannot bring himself to bed this unwilling child and Sansa’s nightmare of a life keeps getting worse.

The Hound Capturing Arya

For all this guy’s flaws he is a sucker for all Stark women.  He was hopelessly in love and obsessed with Sansa Stark long before he crossed paths with Arya, and I think the opportunity was just too good to pass up for him. In Arya I think he sees a kindred spirit that he develops a strange sort of respect for.  Despite the impression he gives off, the Hound is a true and honest person. He is rough and angry at the world but he has a strange sense of honor that few ever recognize in him. He did many evil things but simply in the service of an evil lord. He is loyal to a fault and you can’t hold that against him. The Hound will take Arya and in attempt to get himself in the good graces of the Wolf King. It will be a fruitless measure as the downfall of the King of the North will coincide with his efforts.  It will be interesting to see where the show takes Arya from there.


    1. You know what really annoys me? Where is the Great Jon? They had someone cast for him in season one and I am continuously frustrated with his absence from the last two seasons. He is one of the characters I am really looking forward to being brought back into the books one day. His resistance to capture by the Freys was awesome and can’t be the last we hear of him.

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