Joffrey and Sansa

Prepare for spoilers; turn back now if you don’t want to know. 

Joffrey and Sansa

One of the biggest questions coming out of last night’s episode was regarding the future of Sansa.  She has now been officially married to Tyrion but still finds herself at the mercy of Joffrey.  He is the King and as he is so fond of pointing out the King can do as he likes.  Joffrey does threaten to rape Sansa and the possibility does loom for quite some time but fortunately it does not happen.  It might have but luckily Joffrey doesn’t live long enough to make good on his threats.  Tyrion and Sansa will never consummate their marriage.  Tyrion does have the desire to do so but will not force himself on the unwilling child.  It becomes another tool for ridiculing him and until he is imprisoned for Joffrey’s death he has to shoulder the shame of not bedding his bride.

Melisandre and Gendry

The spell that Melisandre works for Stannis is more than effective; it seems there is real power in King’s blood. In the book it is not Gendry who is used but another bastard of Robert’s.  Gendry to this point still has no idea who his father was and every time you think he is about to find out he doesn’t.  He is currently still a member of the Brotherhood and working his trade making them weapons.  When Melisandre leeches Robert’s bastard they work the spell and each of the usurpers in turn dies a sudden and surprising death.  King Balon falls from a wooden bridge in his castle, lots of speculation around that death.  Joffrey is poisoned at his own wedding by the Queen of Thorns and possibly his new wife while Tyrion takes the fall. King Robb has a bloody and unfortunate death at the treacherous Red Wedding when the Freys kill him, his mother, and many many Northmen.  Of course these deaths will mean absolutely nothing for Stannis in the scheme of things.  Three Kings fall but new ones rise in each place and Stannis is no closer to achieving his goal of winning the Seven Kingdoms.

The Hound and Arya

The Hound is indeed taking Arya back to her family but they will never see each other.  They arrive during the Red Wedding but before they can enter the castle the slaughter has already started. I would like to say that I think the guy playing The Hound is really good and I like him a lot.  The only problem is he is way too nice.  The Hound is a good guy but not a nice guy.  He barely speaks to Arya at all in the book and he doesn’t tell her about saving Sansa.  Such a thing would be beneath The Hound.  Yeah he may have saved Sansa from rape before but he wouldn’t waste his breath telling Arya in an effort to achieve sympathy or compassion from her.  He doesn’t care what Ayra thinks about him and wouldn’t make any effort at all to make himself likeable.  He has spent his whole life being hated and he bears a scar people cringe away from.  He is used to being despised and prefers to be so.  I think he does have a fondness for Arya but he would never lower himself to trying to gain her respect through words.  His actions speak volumes and despite everything he does for her he is such a hateful man that she would reciprocate the feelings.

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