True Blood

Season 6 Episode 2

I read all of the Charlaine Harris novels about Sookie Stackhouse. I was so excited to see how closely related the show was to the books. I am not one that gets angry or anything when it deters from the original story line, and good thing because at this point they are nothing alike. The same initial characters, but it really isn’t like the plots that were set out in the book. I don’t remember there being any mention of the vampire Bible in the books, and for damn sure Bill didn’t become a Lilith-like God character. I am not really sure where they are going with this story line, but I am interested. In the book, Bill just remains the same calm, cool and collective vampire that he is and remains in love with Sookie. Eventually he finds his sister vampire and they are involved for a time before he just realizes that he will never be over Sookie. In the books as well Eric is always obsessed to an unhealthy degree when it comes to Sookie.

Alcide is the pack leader in the book as he is in the show, but he runs the pack a lot differently. In the book, he too is a little obsessed with Sookie, until he becomes pack leader. Once that happens he is all consumed with the pack and is barely in the books until Sookie gets in trouble and needs help from the werewolf pack.

When they introduce new characters like the half-fairy Ben (not in the book) I wish that they would use characters from the books. There are so many great characters yet to be seen in the show. Like Quinn the weretiger. He is probably my favorite male character in the book aside from Eric. I can’t wait to see If they actually use him or not. If not it would be a complete waste.

They are setting up a pretty viscious war between the vampires and the humans, so I am interested to see where the show goeheret is setting up to be an interesting season.


I will admit this season has my attention, so far.  I have no faith in it after the last couple of years but I think they are really doing a good job this season so far.  Despite that I have a serious and perverted problem with the show.  Why is Anna Paquin so clothed? When it comes to Sam or that werewolf guy we see them naked to an annoying degree but is it really too much to ask for a little sexy Sookie action? This show hooked me in with sex and I am patiently waiting now because they aren’t giving me anything I want in that department.  The show is better than it has been though, and I can tolerate it for now.


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