Ben Affleck as Batman?

Since news dropped that Batman would be featured in the next Superman movie I have been filled with excitement and anticipation.  When that ridiculous rumor that Christian Bale had been offered $50 million to reprise the role got started I was hopeful despite knowing better.  That’s far and away more money than any actor has ever been offered to play any role and it was just wishful thinking.  I never really expected Bale to come back to the role but I was certain that the casting would be great.  Far too much hinges on who is chosen because it’s not just about the Superman sequel, it’s about The Justice League. Warner Brothers has to be smart about how they eventually bring all these characters together and they have already made many costly mistakes.  With one character franchise already failing miserably (Green Lantern) and allowing their most successful character franchise to finish and not be incorporated they are already at a disadvantage. Choosing a new Batman was necessary under the circumstances but was not a decision to be made lightly.  When I woke up this morning and saw the news of Ben Affleck being cast I literally wanted to go into a dark room and hide from the world.

I am literally depressed by this development because it crushes all the hope and optimism I had invested in this movie.  All I want to know is who the hell thought this was a good idea? I know that Affleck has made a nice comeback and showed promise behind the camera but what has he ever done as an actor to garner this kind of significant role? I read this article about how they wanted an older and wiser Batman and an actor with the “acting chops” to pull off the role.  Which one of those qualifies Affleck? Not only has he never come off as wise but who in the world thinks Affleck has “acting chops?” I remember a time when the best role he could get was a small part in Smokin’ Aces, and he got killed thirty minutes into that movie.  I also remember the last time Affleck tried to pull off a superhero and destroyed what might have otherwise been a promising franchise.  I also remember the things I heard about that role including the fact that against the norm Affleck opted to wear shoulder pads in lieu of bulking up for the role.  I literally think this is the worst decision with the Batman character since George Clooney was cast in the role.  I don’t think Affleck will be as bad as Clooney was but I do think he has the potential to challenge Clooney for worst Batman ever.

Something I think is really important to consider about Batman is that the lower half of his face is all that is visible when he is in costume.  This is what made Michael Keaton the best Batman because if nothing else the man had the right mouth and jaw line for the part. My only hang-up with Christian Bale as Batman was that he had no upper lip.  Batman with no upper lip looked silly but the movies were so good they made up for it.  All I can think of now is that enormous chin Ben Affleck has and how stupid it will look jutting out from under the Batman cowl.

I have no reason at all to think I am alone in my outrage at this decision so please someone back me up here.  This is the worst right? Is there any hope at all to be had in the potential this movie did have? I read many supportive comments this morning and was shocked.  I know Affleck has found great success as a director and respect him for it but we can’t let that blind us from the truth.  He is and never has been a good actor and his track record offers absolutely nothing acting wise to explain this decision. So please sound off in comments and let me know if I am right or wrong on this.  I need hope if there is any left to be had because all of mine is gone now.


  1. I 1000% agree with you.
    ” He is and never has been a good actor and his track record offers absolutely nothing acting wise to explain this decision.”

    Yes, correct. He is not a good actor. He is at his best when he is not the star, or has an ensemble cast. Sorry Ben, Daredevil haunts you.

  2. Can you imagine when the JLA team is gathered around and Ben Affleck is trying to give orders to the rest of team. 2/4 of the audience is going to laugh. 1/4 of the audience is going to say, “Supes or WW slap him and tell him to shut up.” The other 1/4 is going to say, “aww Ben is so cute as Batman.”

    People will not take him seriously even if he does a good job acting and some literally just hate the guy and refuse to see any of his movies.

    It is a big gamble from WB but why do it when the majority of the population already hates the guy.

    I see a big rise on illegal downloads when the movie comes out. LOL I for one will not pay to see this movie at the theater. This casting was an insult to ALL comic book fans. They will not accept him as Batman and what is more sad is that he is not only in one film, he will be representing Batman for atleast a decade. That is why fans are more pissed off.

    I feel you bud, I totally feel ya.

  3. Yea, all they had to do is cast an actor that filled the role even if it was an unknown, instead they went for someone famous… unfortunately, this famous person does not fit the part, and is not a good enough actor to make me see Batman instead of the actor who’s played many many mediocre roles. This was my most anticipated movie now I won’t go see it or spend a penny on it, but even if I wanted to I CAN NOT go see it as that is the only hope to not have him in Justice League.

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