Month: October 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4

I have yet to write anything about the show this season because there really hasn’t been much to say.  Very little has happened through the first three episodes and I haven’t really been thrilled with it so far.  I have heard a lot of critical response to it in passing lately but I don’t think it’s been that bad.  It is a slow start to the season but I think there has still been plenty to enjoy about what we have seen so far.

I am not a fan of the flu story line.  It doesn’t happen in the comic and I feel it’s only a temporary threat while the show builds up to the Governor’s return.  I think we will probably see this sickness drag out until the show takes a break for the Christmas season and then ultimately amount to nothing.  I think we will see some important characters get really close to dying but survive and right before the break we will see the Governor again. Hershel and Glenn will probably be the ones that get really close to death and survive while Tyrese’s daughter will probably die from it along with plenty of other background characters.  I think that the show will be much more exciting when it comes back in February. This is just a hunch, but I think the black dude that joined the group when Daryl found him in the woods is probably working for the Governor.  This will probably be the shocker right before the season takes its hiatus. I could be wrong about who but I think there is little doubt that the Governor has some agent inside the prison. Not because someone has been feeding zombies, but just because he would want to keep an eye on Rick’s group while he gathers more forces to mount a new attack.  I think the zombies are probably being fed by that little girl who thinks they are just a different type of people.

Last night when Rick and Tyrese fought I thought it was a little weak.  In the comic Rick and Tyrese have a knock down drag out fight where they beat the hell out of each other.  It was for different reasons but the fight was much more brutal in the comic and eventually they get over it.  I don’t think the show is doing a very good job with Tyrese.  He just seems like such a weak character when he should be one of the better ones.  I think it’s probably a difficult part to write because Daryl really filled the Tyrese role long before the character was introduced on the show. Daryl is not a character in the comic so I consider him a wild card.  He could die at anytime and I kind of think he is going to be killed by whoever is working for the Governor in the prison.  On the other hand he might make it all the way to Washington with Rick for all I know.


I do know that the show has cast Abraham and Eugene so by the end of this season we will probably see the group move on from the prison. When the Governor makes his second assault on the prison most of the group will die.  In the comics when the Governor attacks for the second time only a few survive.  During the second assault Lori, Judith, Hershel, Tyrese, and a couple others that aren’t in the show die.  I think in the show we will probably see Hershel’s daughter die in the place of Lori with the baby in her arms.  I think Carol will survive the second assault because Andrea has already died.  In the comic Andrea is still alive and one of the most important characters while Carol died before where we are in the show now.  Of course this is all speculation and really means nothing.  By killing off Andrea the show has proven to be bold in splitting from the comic and anything can happen really.  The coming of Abraham and Eugene does most likely mean a thinning of the ranks like we saw in the comic though.


Year: 1992
Directed By: Bernard Rose
Written By: Clive Barker and Bernard Rose


I can’t remember how old I was the first time I saw this movie although I specifically remember being old enough to know better.  Old enough to know that the things I saw in movies weren’t real and I didn’t have to be afraid. What I do remember is that none of that mattered.  I knew this movie was make believe but it somehow managed to pierce that maturity and strike fear into my soul.  It brought that child I thought I had grown out of back to the forefront and he did the Home Alone scream, only not in a funny way. This movie did more than scare me, it absolutely terrified me with a fear I felt to my bones.  I would have never admitted it at the time but it’s been long enough now that I’m no longer ashamed.  After seeing this film I literally had to use a night light for at least a month, and maybe two.  While I can’t remember how old I was when I saw it I damn sure know I was old enough that sleeping with a night light was completely shameful. Yet that is what it did to me and that is what I will always remember about it.

I never looked into a mirror and said his name three times, I’m not crazy.  It was the images the movie left me with that scared me so bad. At the time I slept in a windowless room that would get very dark with the lights out.  After seeing this film I couldn’t face that darkness for a long time.  Every time the lights went out I would be afraid that Candyman was floating over me like he floated over Virginia Madsen when she was in the insane asylum. It was an irrational fear I know but one that I hadn’t expected to fear anymore at that age.  Something about this movie broke down all the mental barriers I had built up and made me feel like a little kid again.  The kind of little kid that wants to crawl under his bed and hide.  I don’t think this movie is that scary now, but when I saw it for the first time it got the best of me.  That will always make this one of my favorite horror movies because when a movie in the horror genre can accomplish that it has done its job.

Looking back at this movie now I think the setting of the film has a lot to do with what makes it so scary. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. I grew up in the country and this movie takes place predominately in a place I have never been and will probably never go to in my entire life.  Amber and I once accidentally got off on the wrong exit on our way into Chicago and ended up in the in a really bad part of town.  It was early but it was easy to see it wasn’t a place we should be when the locals started waking up.  As scary as that place appeared to be it is nothing next to the old and eerie looking project building that Candyman terrorizes.  I think there are plenty of places in the world that certain people do not belong and when they go they are only looking for trouble.  Even if they aren’t looking for trouble they shouldn’t be surprised when trouble finds them and they have nobody to blame but themselves.  When this foolish white college student goes into that project building it’s scary just on the surface.  She doesn’t belong there and the possibility of danger lies around every corner. Be it a supernatural man with a real hook for a hand or simply a small time gangster that will knock her cold just for the fun of it there is only a matter of time before she realizes she made a horrible mistake.  This is type of place that armed police won’t even go; for two women to go by themselves to snoop around is just crazy and it does create an aura of fear that looms over the film as it progresses.

When she finally meets the real Candyman I think what he does to her is scarier than anything I have seen other horror villains do.  Most of the time the horror villain is just killing in violent fashion and while that is scary that’s not what Candyman did.  Candyman dropped her back into the projects and set her up as a baby killer.  That was so much scarier.  She wakes up covered in blood from a severed Rottweiler’s head and she hears the woman she met earlier in the film screaming from the baby’s bedroom.  The crib is covered in blood and the mother is in complete hysterics.  I honestly think the reaction of the mother is one of the things that scared me the most too.  She is beyond hysterical and there was no reasoning with her when she saw Virginia Madsen and came after her.  The police soon burst in and arrest Madsen who looks guiltier than a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.  This too I found scary because the situation was bad.  When I was young I related too much to characters I watched on film, and when I thought about the situation this woman was in it scared me to death.  There was no way out of it, she was caught in a room with a knife in her hand, blood all over her, a baby that is missing and presumed to be butchered, and a mother who obviously thought she did it.  When she was strapped down to the table in that insane asylum it was scary, because there wasn’t much hope of her getting out.

Supernatural or not, Candyman is scary simply because he is played by Tony Todd. He is an intimidating man standing at the height of 6’5” and he his voice is perfect for playing a bad guy.  I really like the wardrobe of Candyman how he is dressed up under that pimping coat with the bloody stump at the end of his arm with a hook on it.  Aside from his floating scene I always thought it was terrifying how he killed that doctor from behind and then flew backwards out of the window.  Virginia Madsen pulled off naive woman pretty well in this movie, but I have seen enough of her over the years to know she has a lot of talent as an actress.  I like how the movie ends with her taking the place of Candyman but who is she kidding? She could never be as scary as Candyman himself.  I also want to mention Xander Berkley because I thought he was awesome in his role on 24 several years ago.  He was cast as the douche husband in this movie but I still think he managed to bring something to the film.

I didn’t really love this movie when we watched it again for this review but I did still like it.  It is and will always be important to me just for the memories it offers but I wouldn’t rank it really high in the horror genre.  It deserves to be ranked, but it can’t beat some of the classics.  The story was written by a horror veteran in Clive Barker and that makes it significant.  It is scary in both content and setting with great performances that will leave an impression on you.  It did start a franchise because I know there were at least two sequels to the film and possibly more.  I have not seen any of the sequels because of what this one did to me when I was young.  If you have seen any of the other Candyman movies feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you thought of them.  Otherwise I think this is a good movie to watch as Halloween approaches.


This was a pretty interesting movie. I actually thought it was pretty good. It kept me interested until the end and I didn’t even pass out in the middle of it. I don’t know about the scary or horror part, but overall I thought this movie was an interesting story. I can’t believe this scared Ryan so badly when he was little.

candymanThis is a creepy poster. I don’t like when they try to fit too much unnecessary crap into a poster. This seems to work in a weird, creepy way. I think they would have been fine to just put the man in the pupil of the eye, but then they had to go and add the bee. Less is more people! The typography isn’t that bad. It is original and probably isn’t going to be mistaken for a different title or movie. I think this poster has become iconic and you remember it if it scared you as a kid.

Event Horizon

Year: 1997
Directed By: Paul Anderson
Written By: Philip Eisner


I watched this movie when it first came to home video in 1998 and it scared me so bad it’s taken me 15 years to come back for seconds. I was 13 or 14 when I first saw it and at that age I would never admit how bad it scared me but I can admit it now.  This movie literally scared the ever loving shit out of me and watching it last night did bring some of that fear back to me.  Of course I’m not scared now the way I was when I was young but there was a nostalgic feeling of fear that came over me while we watched it. There are so many creepy things in this movie and I can really see why and how it got to me so bad as a kid. There are a few things wrong with this film but that doesn’t change the effect it will have on you.  This movie is scary as hell, literally, and that makes it an excellent movie for the season.

In this movie we see the fears of the characters come to life right before their eyes.  For reasons they don’t understand they are suddenly having hallucinations of their greatest fears.  With a variety of different fears the movie is able to hit on several levels to get to everyone in the audience one way or another. If the burning man that appears before Laurence Fishburne or the kid that Kathleen Quinlan sees don’t get to you then Sam Niell’s eye gauging definitely will.  For me, one of the scariest parts was when Neill is down in that tiny tunnel and starts hearing things.  He looks around in this small space that he could easily get lost in and he isn’t sure if he is actually hearing things or if he is just panicking.  That kind of fear, the type when you are all alone in a scary place and unsure what’s going on really gets to me.  The not knowing if something is really there or if it’s all in your head is terrifying under those circumstances.  After all these years it still makes me cringe.

I heard once that there was something like 30 minutes cut from this film specifically to get it down to an R rating.  I don’t know where that time would have fit in but if I had to guess I would think it came from the video of the lost crew.  When they finally clean up the image enough to see what happened what they see if horrifying.  There is a man who has pulled his own eyes out and is holding them in his hand while chanting creepy Latin phrases. There appears to be some raping going on, everyone is screaming, and flames blaze in the background.  These people had accidentally traveled into Hell and the consequences were frightening.  I imagine there was plenty in that scene that might have been deemed too much for the theater audience by the MPAA.

I think where this film goes wrong is in the ending, but I’m inclined to chalk it up to being a product of its time.  In the end the tone changes to something like Laurence Fishburne vs. Sam Neill when that shouldn’t be the case.  Yes Sam Neill was simply the image taken by the ship but there should be no one against the other.  There should only be Neill i.e. the ship dispatching Laurence Fishburne in horrifying fashion. How could anybody hope to fight back against a ship that has transformed into an evil object by travelling to Hell and back? It shouldn’t be possible and there should be no room for the type of heroics we see from Fishburne in the end.  I like that in the end the ship is still alive and the nightmare continues for the survivors, but what precedes it almost makes it loose its flavor.  There is a theme in far too many horror films that the good guy has to win.  Freddy is eventually beaten by the teenagers he torments, Jason is eventually beaten by the teenagers he torments, Mike Myers is eventually beaten by the teenagers he torments……..Laurence Fishburne needed to have a fist fight with a demonic Sam Neill in the climax of this film.  That’s just how it was done in the 90s.  I tend to find the no win scenario much scarier and we see more of that these days.

I think Laurence Fishburne was great in this movie, until the end when he has his hero moment that is.  I have always been a fan of Fishburne because I come from the generation of The Matrix, and Morpheus can do no wrong.  Of course that isn’t true though; Fishburne has become irrelevant over the years as Morpheus got further and further away in the rear view. He got an important part in Man of Steel though, and whether he was the right choice or not is irrelevant.  It’s an opportunity, and I hope it gets him back into the limelight in the future. Sam Neill just has a look to him that really shows the potential for being evil.  I thought he was awesome in In the Mouth of Madness and I think he specifically looks wicked in this movie both with and without eyes. With the lacerated face he looks beyond wicked and something more like demonic. Neill really hasn’t had many memorable roles in his career but when he gets a good one he plays it to the fullest.  This film is a good example of that.

Aside from those two there are several other cast members who many will recognize.  Of course Kathleen Quinlan tops that list.  She was past her prime when this movie came out but she is a great actress with a long and distinguished career.  Lucius Malfoy is also seen in the background long before he was made relatively popular by the Harry Potter films.  I am talking about Jason Isaacs, who recently starred in a network TV show I didn’t watch, I think it was called Awake. Joely Richardson has one of the more significant roles in this film being one of the two final “survivors.” I was a big fan of Richardson from her work on Nip/Tuck. That show went on for far too long and her character was not always written in the brightest light. That’s putting it nicely really, they writers loved to make this woman about as slutty as she could get.  I think if they could have gotten away with it she probably would have engaged in a relationship with her own son.  Still, for a long time I was a big fan of the show and I liked her role on in despite what they had her do.

This is a scary movie.  In fact it is probably far and away the scariest of all the movies we have watched for this month so far.  It has a bit of a science fiction feel to it that but that doesn’t take away from the horror effect.  Science fiction and horror are often intertwined together with great success.  This movie doesn’t qualify as a success because it was a box office bomb but it succeeds where it matters.  Check this one out if you are looking for something to scare you as Halloween approaches and you won’t be disappointed.   


Apparently this was a horror movie. I am almost certain this should be qualified as a sci-fi movie. Of course, I fell asleep before it all went horrible, infinitely, wrong. (See what I did there?) I didn’t get to see all the gruesome horror, but apparently it must be a gory movie because under the Halloween titles in Netflix, they have this one listed as bloody and gory.

event-horizon-poster-2 Here is the poster for this movie. They made the characters blue and faded them out. I think you guys know how I feel about floating people. However these floating people are technically in space so that provides a little bit of self controversy. I don’t know what to think about that. I hate, however, HATE that they colored the whole poster blue to create that mood. You can do that without colorizing the whole thing people. Stop taking the easy way out. The font isn’t anything special, just another techy font. You can find them for free all over the place. I just realized there was a planet behind their heads. I HATE THIS POSTER. What a terrible way to try and get people in to see this film.


Year: 1990
Directed By: Frank Marshall
Written By: Don Jakoby, Al Williams, and Wesley Strick


Before starting this film I look it up on IMDB and it is actually listed as comedy/sci-fi/thriller.  That’s an odd combination of categories but no where in there is horror.  I don’t know now if this movie is right for our horror month but phobia is in the title, that has to count for something right? No, I’m only kidding. I bought this movie specifically because Amber is terrified of spiders and I thought it would be a good idea to add it into what we were doing this month.  It’s always a good idea to choose to watch something your wife is terrified of……right? Maybe by the time this movie is over I will be much more scared of my wife than she is of this movie.

We are half way through this movie now and it is absolutely everything IMDB said it was.  While people are dying all around from spider bites the movie still manages to be light hearted.  It’s like a joke that occasionally throws in John Goodman as a punch line. It’s a damn good punch line if I will say so myself, John Goodman is a gem that we should all appreciate every time we have the opportunity.  To get back to the point, it seems I have made a horrible mistake in making this film part of our special month of Halloween.  Not only is this movie not a horror film, but it’s actually a comedy in some twisted way.  Of course I did succeed in one way, Amber is freaking out with fear. Although she is getting angrier at me with each passing spider scene and I know I am going to pay for this eventually.

I have seen this movie before but it has been quite a long time and it didn’t make enough of an impression on me for me to remember much about it.  I knew I was all wrong about what I thought the film was when the spider reached America. The spider climbs out of the coffin it came in and scared first the dog then the cat out of the examining room through a doggy door and onto the street.  Something about that scene seemed specifically intended to be humorous and I realized I had really made a big mistake. Later there was that scene where the two spiders meet and presumably fall in love.  I looked at my wife and wanted to laugh but her eyes weren’t filled with laughter at all.  She didn’t see the humor in that scene. When I looked in her eyes I saw only fear, and searing anger directed right at me.

Holy shit, John Goodman just said, “Oh my God they got the professor.” Obviously this movie is not to be taken seriously but nobody delivers that line better.  John Goodman is just so damn good, if nothing else he makes this whole movie worth wild.

The family is now climbing through a bathroom window to escape a never ending amount of swarming spiders. Is it really necessary to run or flee from something you can simply step on?   This movie is so silly but in the strangest way I have found myself sucked in and can’t look away.

OK Jeff Daniels has just had his climactic battle with the queen upon which she was electrified to death in the end.  It’s so awesome in the strangest way, both ridiculous and dramatic.  It seems this fight isn’t over though; there is still a king to be dealt with.  Uh oh, Jeff Daniels is trapped and the king is dodging the wine bottles he is throwing.  Is it going to come after him? Is he going to relive his oldest and scariest memory for real this time as an adult? Oh he has escaped and now has a spray paint can and lighter he is using as a blow torch. Could this man vs. spider fight be any more riveting? Wait for it, wait for it…’s happening right now, that king spider is crawling on him and he can’t move.  He’s a baby in his crib all over again but this time he is going to die.  The spider is taking it’s time, critical bad guy mistake……..paralysis conquered, Jeff Daniels launches king spider into the fire. It’s finally over, wait no it isn’t! The spider leaps from the fire and readies for another attack, this time in flames.  Jeff Daniels finally kills it by shooting it to death with a nail gun…..a nearly horrific moment, and here is John Goodman catching Jeff Daniels as he falls just in time to stop you from really feeling fear and remembering that this movie is kind of funny.

The movie ended on the most light hearted and happy go lucky note I may have ever seen.  I was so off base when I thought this was a horror film and I feel ridiculous for it now.  In the strangest way I actually liked this movie though and can’t say that I feel like I wasted my time.  It was silly but I think it was obviously meant to be like that.  The film was made by the Spielberg crew (Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall) so maybe it was made to mock Jaws in a certain way.  I don’t know this; it’s simply an idea because when I wrote about Jaws I discussed how the film had created an entire genre of movies about killer animals.  Regardless I found myself entertained by this movie and at the end of the day that is all that really matters.  Amber hated it with a passion and during the next few days I’m sure to find out just how much she hated it.  Halloween is a season for scary things and under these circumstances this comedy/sci-fi/thriller had just what was needed to scare her.  I’m going to call this a success despite my mistake and be happy with it.



I fucking HATE spiders. I know that a lot of other people are like me too, but I can’t stand those little gross fuckers. This movie was ridiculous. It was weird and funny at times, but ultimately it was a really stupid movie. Having said that, it still creeped me out to a very uncomfortable degree. I hid my eyes and did that shudder thing you do when you see something just so so so so so so GROSS.I hate that Ryan made me watch this.

arachnophobiaThis poster is actually pretty nice. It’s very slightly asymmetrical, except when it comes to the moon and the dangling spider. It shows the little town that the movie takes place in and then gives you the image of a moon (creating the mood of the film) and a spider hanging from the web above its head. It forces you to look there. There is nothing really special about the title and in fact it reminds me of a lot of Stephen King typography. The colors are nice and for the most part so is the imagery, so I am actually about to say that I like this poster. I don’t shudder and hate it, so that’s saying a lot coming from me.

Too Far…..Sons of Anarchy…Too Far

OK I was with you when Walton Goggins made a second appearance as Venus Van Damne but an entire episode dedicated to the character is a bit too much. This was a filler episode while the season works its way to a close and that is all it was. I appreciate any opportunity to see Walton Goggins talent but seeing the MC going so far to look out for his/her interests is a bit much.  I get it, the show is progressive…that’s great, but let’s get back to the point shall we? Nothing against the movement it supports, as my wife dictates, we are very pro…whatever and I am all for that, but they went farther with it than I felt was necessary on the show.

The number one thing that concerns me about this episode is did I miss something? Did Bobby rejoin the club last week and I not notice? I thought Bobby was forming his own club and all of a sudden he is back in the fold. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about it. In the first few minutes they not only brought Bobby back into the fold but then increased the club size by something like 80%, and that’s probably a low figure because Bobby included it’s more like 100%. That’s great but I thought Bobby talked to Jax about forming his own charter last week and Jax was all for it. However, it is really cool to hear Jax refer to Bobby as his Consigliere, which is the role Tom Hagan filled for the family in The Godfather.

I don’t think Nero will turn on Jax and give up the club.  I think Jax should be more concerned with Robocop and what he knows.  Nero is an OG, he will do time before he turns, but the character Peter Weller plays has a lot to lose and nothing beholding him to the club. That potential threat coupled with the lengths Tara is willing to go through to get away equal bad news for Jax.  I’m not sure where they are going to go with all this but I can’t wait to see.

Dawn of the Dead (1978) Take Two

Year: 1978
Directed By: George A. Romero
Written By: George A. Romero


To read our original review of this film follow this link. If you would like to read our review of the 2004 remake follow this link.

This is my favorite horror movie of all time and without doubt one of my favorites films to watch during this time of the year.  What this film does right is capture the fear that has taken over society.  The desperation that rises as the enormity of the situation sets in.  The movie doesn’t waste time with any build up it just drops you right into the thick of things and we follow the four main characters as they get the heck out of dodge and seek refuge in a shopping mall. We see the weight the new world has laid on their shoulders and we see how futile their efforts are in the face of the threats that rise after the zombies do. The zombies we see in this film aren’t all that intimidating.  They are slow-moving, clumsy, and they aren’t overly aggressive.  The zombies we saw in the remake are the complete opposite.  In the 2004 film we see what I like to think of as the new age zombies.  Zombies that don’t just run but sprint at full speed with an intensity and aggression that will scare the hell out of anyone.  The differences in these two zombies completely change the face of this title in the remake film but it wasn’t for the better. It was nothing more than just shock value because these upgraded zombies were scary but they didn’t make for better film, only better scenes on occasion.

I had a discussion this weekend with someone about the merits of the two differing zombies and that’s what I’d like to focus this post on.  I can completely understand the new generation of viewers that prefers these new age zombies.  It’s shocking to see these zombies with such ferocity like we see in the 2004 remake of this movie, World War Z, 28 Days Later, and other new zombie films.  These zombies are scarier when watching the movie but they are almost too much.  This type of zombie is practically an overwhelming threat that can’t be subdued and therein lays the problem.  With zombies, I don’t think the real threat is the one they pose but the consequences they have on society.  When a zombie epidemic spreads throughout the world governments fall, the infrastructure falls apart, and society crumbles.  If they are the slow-moving stumbling zombies they can be defeated but the overwhelming amount of them is too much for anyone to handle. By the time some survival group does get a handle on the zombies the damage is done, and the way the world was working is just too big a puzzle to simply put back together again. When everything is lost and everything stops the people of the world have to learn to live again. We have become too reliant on technology and too many can’t live without it. The fear then doesn’t come from the zombies but from the world they have created because in the new world anarchy reigns. The zombies are simply a manageable threat that’s overwhelming at first but can be subdued over time. When they simply become another part of everyday life the real threat comes from the people who want what you have, because they will do anything to get it, and there is no authority around to stop them. With these new aged zombies that simply can’t be stopped, because they are so fast and aggressive, I see no possible outcome other than the extinction of humans.  Maybe that is what some people like about it but I think the threat of evil men, who are capable of thinking, who can take over society in the aftermath is much scarier.

We see these differences in the two versions of this film.  In 1978 the survivors find peace in the mall for a long time. The zombies outside their fortified home are still a threat but one they have learned to keep at bay and live with. Their safety and livelihood isn’t threatened until evil men come to take what they have.  The men in the motorcycle gang haven’t lived in the comfort of security, they’ve been out there in the dog eat dog world and they are looking at the mall with hungry eyes.  Not for the security it offers but the spoils available to them from within. They ride in and destroy the mall and everything the main characters have worked to achieve because they can. They are the real threat in the world created by zombies, and they are much scarier than the zombies ever could have been. In 2004 things are much different. The threat posed by the zombies is too great and the survivors are simply fighting to survive, but there is no survival in this scenario. We see some of the characters escape but there is no hope for them out there in a world full of new age zombies and eventually we are led to believe that they all die. The 2004 ending is scary but it’s all over then.  There is something to be said about that outcome and I can understand the appeal.  I just think there is so much more potential the other way around.  Things get bloody and awful in 2004, but in 1978 a story was told, and it was a story with the possibility to continue and offer us so much more. Speaking only under the parameters of “scenario,” I think the 1978 type offers more because the door is open for things to come, crazy things that might blow our minds like what we have already seen has.

This is what makes The Walking Dead so good.  Since reading the comics the show is based on I have become obsessed with the series.  The zombies are merely a dangerous annoyance in The Walking Dead world.  The real threat comes from the men who have risen out of the ashes to seize power for themselves. The Governor, the roaming cannibals, or the current and most awesome badass of all time Negan. Negan is such a cool bad guy I actually find myself wanting him to defeat Rick and following him through this new world of the undead as it is.  Negan actually berates Rick at one point, calling him an idiot because he actually uses guns on the dead.  Negan doesn’t do this; he saves his bullets for the enemies that require more than a simple head bashing to beat. In a world where the old school zombies have destroyed everything it’s better than new age zombies taking over because there are men like Negan out there, and Negan is scarier and more dangerous than all the zombies in the world put together. I have read that people really want Negan on the show but I don’t.  I love the show and I love Negan but it’s not a union that will work the way it should.  One of the things I really love about Negan is his proficiency with the Fuck word and profanity in general.  To take it away from him to put him on TV would seriously drop his cool factor, and I don’t know that any actor in the world could live up to the expectations I would have as a fan of the comic.

I think Hollywood is destroying the effectiveness of the old school zombies because they keep going for that shock factor.  It’s like overloading a film with too many explosions because you want to blow people away instead of getting inside their heads. The top example that comes to mind is World War Z. So many things are wrong with this film.  First of all it’s rated PG-13 so that they could take advantage of the teenage market, but no zombie film should be PG-13.  The Walking Dead is literally more graphic and it is contained by the limitations allowed on television.  Secondly, they are the new age zombies in World War Z and it wasn’t like that in the book.  The movie shows zombie running at full speed in hordes and building giant zombie ladders.  In the book the zombies aren’t like that, but that is why humanity was able to eventually prevail. In the book society crumbles due to the threat and the story is really about how the world survives and then manages to put itself back together.  The consequences are so significant. The damage done isn’t because of the zombies but because of the chaos and fear the zombies create.  When society breaks down resources become scarce, communication falls apart, and the world as we know it comes to an end.  People are forced to adapt if they are to survive and it’s not a simple thing to do.  The movie was really nothing at all like the book and just a pathetic attempt to make money on something that was successful.  Everything that made the book successful though is gone from the film and it’s just taking advantage of the name recognition.

This is all just my opinion but I’d invite you to sound off now on how you feel about the new age zombies vs. the original.  I think it is an interesting topic and there are valid points to both sides of it.  Let us know how you feel about it. Also, if you are a fan of The Walking Dead and know who Negan is let me know what you think about the guy.  To put it as Negan would, “I fucking love the fucking guy.” I don’t know anybody who has read as deep into the comic as I have so I have nobody to talk to about him.  I’d love to hear what someone else thought about him.  Otherwise, check out the original Dawn of the Dead as Halloween approaches, it’s a great movie that really sets the tone for the holiday.

Venus Van DAMN!

In the last post I wrote about SOA I went over the characters from The Shield who had played parts in this show.  I specifically mentioned Walton Goggins role on the show as Venus Van Damne.  I thought it was hilarious and awesome the first time he made the appearance and was shocked to see him reprise the role on this week’s episode.  I was out of town earlier this week and didn’t see the most recent episode until today, so excuse me for coming in late on this topic. 

I read once that the studio didn’t want to cast Walton Goggins in a large role on The Shield.  That the producers of the show had to work in scenes to specifically show Goggins’ talent before he was able to get a larger part.  Obviously it worked because the Shane character became one of the most important on the show.  I have always been a fan of Goggins because of his portrayal as Shane Vendrell.  I sincerely miss The Shield but find solace in the success of other FX shows like SOA or Justified. I am no longer up to date on Justified but watched diligently for the first three seasons.  Goggins is incredible on that show and I don’t think there is another actor out there that could play the part.  Goggins was great as Shane, but he was born to play Boyd Crowder. 

When he appeared for a second time on SOA as Nero’s cross dressing girl Venus Van Damne I thought it was hilarious.  What floored me was the direction the scene took and the talent it took for Goggins to effectively play the part to get the right emotional response from it. I think it is a testament to the ability I have already seen from Walton Goggins but others may still not know about it.  Many people probably don’t know him as anybody else but the guy that got his crotch blown off in Django UnchainedI think it’s obvious that he has much more to offer as an actor than simply the role he is typecast into.  I have generally only seen him play the part of the country guy whether it is The Shield, Justified, Django, Predators, or his small part in House of 1,000 Corpses. He is great in that type of part but it is never cool to see a good actor get typecast. All I want to say in the aftermath of his second performance on Sons is DAMN Walton Goggins can act.  It really makes me happy to see an actor I like doing well and I am happy to see Goggins in this funny and oddly interesting part on SOA.

Stephen King’s IT

Year: 1990
Directed By: Tommy Lee Wallace
Written By: Stephen King, Tommy Lee Wallace, and Lawrence D Cohen


This is a rare situation where I actually think the film was better than the book.  Making things even more bizarre is the fact that this was a made for TV movie and it still manages to be better than the book.  This was a household favorite when I was growing up but I had never read the book until a year or two ago.  The book is different, in many ways it is a better different but in the end there was one specific thing that brought it all crashing down and I am haunted by the memory.  Haunted not in the sense that I was scared but in the sense that I simply can’t get back the innocence I had before reading it.

I have always heard this book was one of King’s best but I didn’t feel that way after finishing it.  In fact I felt that Stephen King must have been drunk when he wrote the damn thing and whoever read it and decided to publish it should be ashamed of themselves. If you have read the book then you should know what I am talking about, it’s so shameful and disgusting I can’t imagine anyone ever forgetting it. If you haven’t read it then I strongly suggest you never do.  The book isn’t all bad, it’s just that one damning part but that part is just too bad for me to stomach.  In the end of the book after the children dispatch IT for the first time in the 50s they get lost trying to find their way out of the sewers.  For whatever reason, to solve this dilemma, Beverly decides the only thing to do is to have sex with each of the boys in turn.  Let me say it again, to find their way out of a sewer the ten year old girl allows six ten year old boys to practically run a train on her.  Now I have heard that there are explanations for this online and plenty of people have written about why it was necessary and blah blah blah.  I don’t give a shit.  I don’t think there is any justification for it.  All I know is I read 1,000 pages into this damn book only to get to the most ridiculous and despicable thing I have ever read.  There is absolutely nothing in the world that will make what happened in that book sit right with me and I do feel scarred for life to an extent because I read it.  It’s doesn’t just say what happened either; the sex is uncomfortably graphic and I actually quit reading Stephen King for quite a while after reading it. King is a very successful writer and I am still a fan, but in this case I don’t know what his problem was and I think he should be ashamed of what he wrote.

Aside from that one awful scene the book isn’t bad but it’s really out there.  My favorite part is the turtle.  There is a great turtle responsible for creating the universe and he actually apologizes to one of the characters for it saying he simply had a stomach ache.  When he threw up the universe came out of him and there it was. For whatever reason I really like this explanation for the creation of the universe. Not that I think there is any validity to it but simply because I think if we knew how it really happened it would be something weird like that.  Something nobody in their right mind would ever be able to even consider and ultimately probably the product of an accident. IT was an evil being that counteracts the turtle but I’m certainly not remembering it right.  The movie tends to focus on him mainly as the clown but I don’t remember it like that in the book.  The clown was a shape he took but there was really no limit to what he appeared as.  IT is a being with the ability to invoke madness in others simply by being around but also able to directly invoke that fear himself with physical force.  IT is really complicated to be honest and it’s been too long since I read the book to be able to explain it with any accuracy.  I know that IT somehow ties into the Dark Tower series like pretty much everything King writes but I haven’t read the series so don’t know much about it.  I think King is a really talented writer despite what he did in the end of this book but some of his stuff is just really out there, specifically this book and the Dark Tower series.

I think this movie stands on its own well and that usually isn’t the case.  I think a lot of that has to do with the performance of Tim Curry as Pennywise the clown.  I would call it his best performance but would undoubtedly spark the outrage of Dr. Frank-N-Furter fans.  I have never been one to get behind The Rocky Horror Picture Show so I can’t compare the two but as Pennywise Curry was great.  The clown is the strength of the film and what makes it popular despite being a cheap made for TV film. My favorite scene is when the kids are looking in Mike’s scrapbook and Pennywise approaches them with menacing words before literally reaching through the page to get them. In that scene he has an evil look in his eye and a tone that could strike fear into anyone.  Great performance by Curry and my favorite part of the movie. You can see the scene I’m talking about below.

I’m not going to go into all the actors in the movie but I will discuss a few of them.  It’s cool to see a really young Seth Green playing Richie. I’ve never been a big fan of Green’s but I don’t dislike him and he has had a lot of success at different things.  I was a fan of John Ritter and I feel his presence gave this movie more credibility.  Jonathan Brandis played the most important of the younger cast in the role of Bill.  I remember seeing a lot of Brandis when I was a kid and he was a seemingly up and coming young actor.  I had forgotten all about him till watching this movie a couple of years ago and found out that he had died in 2003.  I was shocked to find out that he had actually committed suicide because he seemed to have such a promising future when I was a kid. Apparently he was really depressed because his career had declined significantly and he turned to drinking before ultimately taking his own life.  It’s a sad and unfortunate story.  I think he did a good job in this movie and was the best of the young actors in the film.

This is a cool movie and I like it but I don’t know how well it fits into the Halloween theme we are doing this month.  It is a horror film so it qualifies but I just don’t think it does much to set the tone for the season.  This is a horror film that can be watched any time of the year and for whatever reason it just doesn’t seem to fit with the other movies we are watching. It was a really long book and it made for a long movie.  This was actually a TV mini-series when it came out so I imagine it was four one hour episodes or something like that.  It’s a low budget film but that doesn’t take anything away from the film.  I chose to do this one mainly because I’ve wanted to write down my outrage over the book for some time. I don’t suggest this film as one to watch in preparation for Halloween but I would recommend it if you haven’t seen it.  So long as you don’t read the book, it will take way too long only to scar you for life.


What a creepy movie. Clowns are just so creepy and nobody does a creepy clown like this guy. Sometimes, when I see a balloon I will randomly just catch myself saying “They all Float.” How strange is that? Somebody in Party City has probably seen me and called me that crazy psychotic lady.


I think this is a great one. It has the creepy clown front and center and it is surrounded by white. It’s ironic and it works. You see what you are supposed to see and you should automatically know this is going to be a horror flick. (In case seeing Stephen King’s name didn’t do it for you already.) The typography for the time was probably pretty cool and ahead of its time, but now the grunge look has been so over played. I will give this designer some kudos about the cast. They didn’t Photoshop them all together from different scenes that end up muddying up the piece, they decided to box them in across the bottom. MUCH better than the ones we have looked at in the past. I like this one. Halloween approved!

Child’s Play

Year: 1988
Directed By: Tom Holland
Written By: Don Mancini, John Laffia, and Tom Holland


I’ll admit this probably isn’t the best horror movie to kick off our Halloween movie month with but it isn’t a bad one either.  I bought this movie because of the memories it brings back for me.  I have never forgotten what this movie did to me as a child.  I don’t think it was this movie specifically because I was only four when it came out.  It was most likely one of the sequels that scared me so bad but I can’t be sure because I never actually saw the movie.  I will never forget being a young kid at 7 or 8 and having trouble sleeping because I had simply seen a preview involving Chucky.  I hadn’t even seen the movie but the mere image of Chucky carrying around a knife scared me so bad.  I had a bunk bed at that age and I specifically remember laying awake on the top bunk unable to go to sleep for fear of Chucky climbing the ladder to come and kill me.

This movie doesn’t scare me like it did in passing when I was a kid but it’s still a cool horror movie.  The idea of killer dolls is always frightening whether it’s a wooden puppet or a creepy ginger doll in overalls.  I think with Chucky what specifically makes him so scary is the anger that comes from the character.  That anger fused with the creepy appearance is what has made this such a long lasting horror franchise. I haven’t seen many of the films from this franchise because I think I’ve subconsciously avoided them because of the long ago fear I had as a kid.  I don’t intend to get any of the other films but if anyone thinks any of the sequels are worth seeing let me know which ones to check out.

I think Brad Dourif is a really menacing looking guy and liked him as the initial criminal that uses voodoo to bond his soul with the doll.  I read that he would really work himself into a fit when recording the audio for the character and I think that came through really well in the final product. He brought such anger and evilness to the character with only his voice.  The doll was creepy all by itself when it would transform from that innocent looking face to the evil one but Dourif’s voice really put it over the top. The special effects for the doll weren’t anything exceptional but I think they were good for 1988.  I specifically like the charred Chucky that just won’t die in the end.

Overall I enjoyed this movie but I don’t think it is anything special.  I chose to add it to the collection for this month because it scared me as a child and because it is the first film in a long standing horror franchise.  If I’m not mistaken there are six films to date about Chucky with the most recent one, Curse of Chucky coming out only a couple of weeks ago. If you have seen any of the sequels leave us a comment and let us know if we should check them out.  Otherwise I think this is a good movie to watch in the days leading up to Halloween.


I am pretty stoked that Ryan decided to do this for the month. I really like Halloween. I LOVE it actually. Let’s go ahead and get started on the posters. These can be the best posters. There are clever ones, cheesy ones and then even cheesier ones.

childs_play (1)This one is cool. It’s using the “rule of thirds” nicely by having the building come up at an angle.The guy that has possessed the doll of Chucky is slightly in the background. The babysitter is also falling out of the window, which gives some question to the movie and helps the viewer want to watch to find out what is going on.

My favorite part is the typography of the title. They made the letter “y” into a knife-like image and splattered the end of the title in blood. You know automatically when looking at this movie that it is a horror film. It is dark and alludes to murder and thrill. Halloween approved.

Halloween Season

We are going to take a break from the norm this month in recognition of our favorite holiday season.  This year we are going to put our journey through the DVD rack on hold for the month of October to focus specifically on Horror films.  This is the season more than any other that really relates to one specific genre of film and we have a few films we’ve saved specifically for this time of the year.  So as the rest of the month progresses we will be publishing reviews for new horror movies we have added into the collection and probably republishing some of our older reviews for horror movies we have already done.

We started last night by watching Child’s Play and will have a review published for it soon.  Also coming this month with be Stephen King’s It, Candyman, Event Horizon, Arachnophobia, and possibly others as the month progresses.  We will be revisiting some great films we have already reviewed such as House of 1,000 Corpses, Alien, Dawn of the Dead (the original version), and In the Mouth of Madness. We won’t be watching all the horror films we have done over the past two years so be sure to check out our Horror section for other movies that set the tone for the season.

Halloween is out favorite holiday because of all the holidays it is the most fun and stress free.  We are looking forward to the line up of films we are going to watch this month and if you have any scary movies you want to suggest please let us know your favorites.  Also this month we have the return of both The Walking Dead and American Horror Story and we are both really excited about both of those. Kathy Bates has joined the cast of American Horror Story this year and that is going to be awesome.  There isn’t another actress out there with the acting talent and the ability to invoke fear like she can.  Come to think of it, Misery should really be added to our list.  Kathy Bates is absolutely terrifying in that film.