Child’s Play

Year: 1988
Directed By: Tom Holland
Written By: Don Mancini, John Laffia, and Tom Holland


I’ll admit this probably isn’t the best horror movie to kick off our Halloween movie month with but it isn’t a bad one either.  I bought this movie because of the memories it brings back for me.  I have never forgotten what this movie did to me as a child.  I don’t think it was this movie specifically because I was only four when it came out.  It was most likely one of the sequels that scared me so bad but I can’t be sure because I never actually saw the movie.  I will never forget being a young kid at 7 or 8 and having trouble sleeping because I had simply seen a preview involving Chucky.  I hadn’t even seen the movie but the mere image of Chucky carrying around a knife scared me so bad.  I had a bunk bed at that age and I specifically remember laying awake on the top bunk unable to go to sleep for fear of Chucky climbing the ladder to come and kill me.

This movie doesn’t scare me like it did in passing when I was a kid but it’s still a cool horror movie.  The idea of killer dolls is always frightening whether it’s a wooden puppet or a creepy ginger doll in overalls.  I think with Chucky what specifically makes him so scary is the anger that comes from the character.  That anger fused with the creepy appearance is what has made this such a long lasting horror franchise. I haven’t seen many of the films from this franchise because I think I’ve subconsciously avoided them because of the long ago fear I had as a kid.  I don’t intend to get any of the other films but if anyone thinks any of the sequels are worth seeing let me know which ones to check out.

I think Brad Dourif is a really menacing looking guy and liked him as the initial criminal that uses voodoo to bond his soul with the doll.  I read that he would really work himself into a fit when recording the audio for the character and I think that came through really well in the final product. He brought such anger and evilness to the character with only his voice.  The doll was creepy all by itself when it would transform from that innocent looking face to the evil one but Dourif’s voice really put it over the top. The special effects for the doll weren’t anything exceptional but I think they were good for 1988.  I specifically like the charred Chucky that just won’t die in the end.

Overall I enjoyed this movie but I don’t think it is anything special.  I chose to add it to the collection for this month because it scared me as a child and because it is the first film in a long standing horror franchise.  If I’m not mistaken there are six films to date about Chucky with the most recent one, Curse of Chucky coming out only a couple of weeks ago. If you have seen any of the sequels leave us a comment and let us know if we should check them out.  Otherwise I think this is a good movie to watch in the days leading up to Halloween.


I am pretty stoked that Ryan decided to do this for the month. I really like Halloween. I LOVE it actually. Let’s go ahead and get started on the posters. These can be the best posters. There are clever ones, cheesy ones and then even cheesier ones.

childs_play (1)This one is cool. It’s using the “rule of thirds” nicely by having the building come up at an angle.The guy that has possessed the doll of Chucky is slightly in the background. The babysitter is also falling out of the window, which gives some question to the movie and helps the viewer want to watch to find out what is going on.

My favorite part is the typography of the title. They made the letter “y” into a knife-like image and splattered the end of the title in blood. You know automatically when looking at this movie that it is a horror film. It is dark and alludes to murder and thrill. Halloween approved.


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