Too Far…..Sons of Anarchy…Too Far

OK I was with you when Walton Goggins made a second appearance as Venus Van Damne but an entire episode dedicated to the character is a bit too much. This was a filler episode while the season works its way to a close and that is all it was. I appreciate any opportunity to see Walton Goggins talent but seeing the MC going so far to look out for his/her interests is a bit much.  I get it, the show is progressive…that’s great, but let’s get back to the point shall we? Nothing against the movement it supports, as my wife dictates, we are very pro…whatever and I am all for that, but they went farther with it than I felt was necessary on the show.

The number one thing that concerns me about this episode is did I miss something? Did Bobby rejoin the club last week and I not notice? I thought Bobby was forming his own club and all of a sudden he is back in the fold. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about it. In the first few minutes they not only brought Bobby back into the fold but then increased the club size by something like 80%, and that’s probably a low figure because Bobby included it’s more like 100%. That’s great but I thought Bobby talked to Jax about forming his own charter last week and Jax was all for it. However, it is really cool to hear Jax refer to Bobby as his Consigliere, which is the role Tom Hagan filled for the family in The Godfather.

I don’t think Nero will turn on Jax and give up the club.  I think Jax should be more concerned with Robocop and what he knows.  Nero is an OG, he will do time before he turns, but the character Peter Weller plays has a lot to lose and nothing beholding him to the club. That potential threat coupled with the lengths Tara is willing to go through to get away equal bad news for Jax.  I’m not sure where they are going to go with all this but I can’t wait to see.


  1. Bobby never talked to Jax about leaving the club ever. Bobby wasnt forming his own club either, he was recruiting members for the club, all guys he thought would bring a good balance to the club. He hand picked other members from other soa charters to transfer over to redwood. I think the episode was well done and didnt take the tranny situation too far at all, Jax wouldnt of done any of it in the first place if not for his mother asking and doing the favor for Nero. He took it as far as he should of considering his partner is in Jail and his mother asked him a favor, plus it went further because it became personal once he seen what the Trannys mom was doing, and so the story unfoled very well and accordingly.
    I agree Nero wont flip, but the cop is going to use the old mothers dead body against the club almost for sure. Acting as if getting rid of the body was a favor when all he is going to do is use it in some way to screw over the club and protect himself.

    1. I will eventually have to rewatch this season and look over it more closely. I may have worded what I said wrong too. I didn’t think he was leaving the club only forming his own chapter in another city. Earlier in the season he was looking over maps as if trying to find somewhere to set up. I don’t suppose it really matters because I am happy to see Bobby back in the fold.

      I’m glad you said that about the tranny. There has been a lot of negativity showing up in the searches that bring people to our blog. I have also heard a lot of negative response to it from people in passing. I thought it was an unusual way for the show to go but in truth I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Some people out there have said some really ugly things so it’s nice to see some support for the episode.

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