The Walking Dead Season 4

I have yet to write anything about the show this season because there really hasn’t been much to say.  Very little has happened through the first three episodes and I haven’t really been thrilled with it so far.  I have heard a lot of critical response to it in passing lately but I don’t think it’s been that bad.  It is a slow start to the season but I think there has still been plenty to enjoy about what we have seen so far.

I am not a fan of the flu story line.  It doesn’t happen in the comic and I feel it’s only a temporary threat while the show builds up to the Governor’s return.  I think we will probably see this sickness drag out until the show takes a break for the Christmas season and then ultimately amount to nothing.  I think we will see some important characters get really close to dying but survive and right before the break we will see the Governor again. Hershel and Glenn will probably be the ones that get really close to death and survive while Tyrese’s daughter will probably die from it along with plenty of other background characters.  I think that the show will be much more exciting when it comes back in February. This is just a hunch, but I think the black dude that joined the group when Daryl found him in the woods is probably working for the Governor.  This will probably be the shocker right before the season takes its hiatus. I could be wrong about who but I think there is little doubt that the Governor has some agent inside the prison. Not because someone has been feeding zombies, but just because he would want to keep an eye on Rick’s group while he gathers more forces to mount a new attack.  I think the zombies are probably being fed by that little girl who thinks they are just a different type of people.

Last night when Rick and Tyrese fought I thought it was a little weak.  In the comic Rick and Tyrese have a knock down drag out fight where they beat the hell out of each other.  It was for different reasons but the fight was much more brutal in the comic and eventually they get over it.  I don’t think the show is doing a very good job with Tyrese.  He just seems like such a weak character when he should be one of the better ones.  I think it’s probably a difficult part to write because Daryl really filled the Tyrese role long before the character was introduced on the show. Daryl is not a character in the comic so I consider him a wild card.  He could die at anytime and I kind of think he is going to be killed by whoever is working for the Governor in the prison.  On the other hand he might make it all the way to Washington with Rick for all I know.


I do know that the show has cast Abraham and Eugene so by the end of this season we will probably see the group move on from the prison. When the Governor makes his second assault on the prison most of the group will die.  In the comics when the Governor attacks for the second time only a few survive.  During the second assault Lori, Judith, Hershel, Tyrese, and a couple others that aren’t in the show die.  I think in the show we will probably see Hershel’s daughter die in the place of Lori with the baby in her arms.  I think Carol will survive the second assault because Andrea has already died.  In the comic Andrea is still alive and one of the most important characters while Carol died before where we are in the show now.  Of course this is all speculation and really means nothing.  By killing off Andrea the show has proven to be bold in splitting from the comic and anything can happen really.  The coming of Abraham and Eugene does most likely mean a thinning of the ranks like we saw in the comic though.

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