What Happened to Thanksgiving?

For years I have seen this trend of jumping right into Christmas season sooner and sooner.  I don’t like it, it’s consumerism at its worse and I find it despicable.  We have a holiday being passed over here and nobody seems to care.  We have a holiday that bears historical significance and has meaning that should still be important today.  Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what we have and coming together as a family.  While historically accurate or not it’s about diverse cultures overcoming differences and learning to work together.  This is a great holiday but there isn’t money to be made from it.  Is the money made by Christmas all that matters anymore? Is there a reason that on November 1st we are already seeing Christmas paraphernalia and hearing that redundant and annoying music?  Do we need to hear Christmas music for a full 60 days? My kid’s Halloween candy isn’t even a day old and we are moving right into Christmas! What about Thanksgiving? Why am I seeing big red bows when I should be seeing turkeys? Where are the cornucopias and the Pilgrims? Are the Native Americans too busy hating on the Redskins to care that we no longer give any attention to the holiday we share with them? I know that Christmas is a favorite holiday for many but as far as I am concerned it has lost all meaning in the face of consumerism. Forget about Thanksgiving, check out the deals on “pre-Black Friday” sales, and then lets trample people to death as we bull rush these “deals” on actual Black Friday.  That Friday is black because it’s the death of a holiday that meant something. It’s all about a Christmas holiday that used to mean something but is all about making money these days.  It sullies Christmas altogether and it’s specifically why I have come to despise the holiday.

Well in my household we aren’t skipping over Thanksgiving.  Granted we aren’t going to do a themed month again like we did for Halloween but I do have one movie specifically earmarked for Thanksgiving.  As the forgotten holiday approaches we will watch, review, and publish the post for the movie.  Until then check out one of these two reviews in preparation for what once had more meaning in this country.  See our reviews for Apocalypto or Last of the Mohicans (in truth for no other reason than the fact that they feature Native Americans).  There are movies that center around this holiday but not many I feel garner our effort to seek out and review.  That’s OK because I happen to really be looking forward to the one I have in mind.

In closing I simply want to encourage everyone to embrace Thanksgiving this year and be thankful for something before the greed and desire of Christmas takes hold of all of us.  There is a page on Wikipedia that lists Thanksgiving themed movies and it doesn’t offer much.  The movie I have in mind is on the list but if anyone knows one they think is worth our time please don’t hesitate to share.  I would like to sit back and appreciate the coming holiday before draining my bank account so I can partake in the next holiday that has become nothing more than a reason to get that money out of my pocket and into the greedy hands of retailers.

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