Sons of Anarchy

I just can’t say enough about how continually blown away I am by this show.  It maintains such an incredible pace storytelling by weaving together so many different story lines.  Kurt Sutter has really built a world in TV that never fails to impress and keep us interested.  Last night was another great episode to another great season.  Tara turning to Jax and simply saying in rage “look at what you’ve done to me!” was a great line.  It’s right up there with Walt telling Hank that if he doesn’t know who he is talking to maybe he should tread lightly on Breaking Bad.  It was just an original phrase that really drove the point home.  It’s not about him cheating, it’s not about the things he has done, or the danger he has put her in.  It’s about the person he has turned her into and she can’t live with who she has become.  That makes their rift so much deeper because she isn’t angry about something that can simply be fixed, and it’s obviously way too late for that anyway if she is willing to go back to the DA.  I love that when she tries to flip on Jax and turn him over to the law that she can’t even accomplish that because he is three steps ahead.  It reminds me of Vic Mackey and I think this show has finally reached a point where it’s just as good if not arguably better than The Shield.  

I want to take an opportunity to simply mention how much I think Jimmy Smits has brought to the show.  When he was first cast I didn’t think it was a great idea and I stayed on the fence about him for some time.  Even after he had proved to be a great character I stayed on the fence but at this point I don’t even know why I ever had doubts.  He has been an incredible addition and I have really come to like the character a lot and how he fits in with Jax’s power structure.

There is something else I would like to say in regards to Walton Goggins playing Venus Van Dam.  I wrote a bit critically about the episode that centered completely around the character because I thought it was a bit much.  Not because of the cross dressing aspect at all but simply because I didn’t think it fit into the story all that well.  I don’t see the men of this club being the type of people open minded enough to be so willing in helping a transgender person and I had doubts that this was going to be something widely accepted by the target audience for the show.  So for the record, I don’t think there was anything wrong with a transgender being on the show, or Walton Goggins playing the part.  I wanted to say that just because I see SO many negative things being searched when people come to our blog to read what I wrote.  I understand people who are uncomfortable with it, but I don’t think such an enormous amount of hate is necessary.  I think Walton Goggins was great in the part, and I think that he is such a badass he can play this type of part and not be criticized for it.  I thought it showed his diversity as an actor and his character as a person because I think it was originally intended as a joke on him.  He took that and made it something serious and compelling. I think it might have gone on a bit more than necessary but I think it was awesome despite that.  As a fan of Kurt Sutter, Walton Goggins, and the shows they have done together I think it was really smart and I appreciate what they did.

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