The Final Season of Boardwalk Empire

This news dropped sometime later last week and I was very disappointed to hear it.  I have let the news marinate for several days now and my disappointment hasn’t waned.  I just want to know why stop this show so soon? Was it initially planned to be only five seasons or is there some greater reason behind it? I can’t believe that only five seasons were in the initial plan because if so why only cover the time period year to year? We have only seen the first four years of the twenties and I just don’t think that is good enough.  I know it was probably always unlikely for the show to last long enough to cover the Castellammarese War or The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre which both happened at the end of the decade.  Still, five years just isn’t good enough.  This is such an incredible show and I feel cheated for it to end so quickly.  I am happy to have another year to look forward to but it won’t be enough when it is over.  I’m going to need more Nucky, I want to see Luciano and Lansky take more steps toward power, I want to see George Mueller get more involved with the Capone’s, and that barely scratches the surface of what more I want from this show.

I’m going to hold faith that things can change before it is all said and done and hope between now and next year I see another story saying the show has been extended.  I think this is one of the best shows HBO has running now and it would be a complete and utter waste to end it.  How exactly can they justify keeping True Blood going so long only to pull the plug on this show so soon? How do others out there feel about this? I love this show and don’t want it to end, if you feel this way voice your support in a comment.

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