The Man with Two Brains

Year: 1983
Directed By: Carl Reiner
Written By: George Gipe, Steve Martin, and Carl Reiner


I came across this movie when I was young because I think one of my uncles owned it and let me watch it.  I liked it because I have always thought Steve Martin was funny and at the time I was marveled by seeing boobs in a film.  It’s a silly movie, but I find that even as an adult it still makes me laugh. Some comedies don’t really need a point other than to be funny and when they get the response they were going for little else really matters.

I don’t usually go for movies like this because I have always turned my nose up at things I perceived to be stupid rather than funny.  Stupid is funny but I think when you are merely acting stupid to get a laugh you are taking the easy way out.  That’s always been my big problem with Will Ferrell.  The man can be really funny but more often than not he is simply acting stupid in an effort to get laughs. It’s the easy way to do things and I find it distasteful.  Steve Martin is in a movie that could more or less be called stupid but that man is just funny to the core and humor pulsates from him in this film.  He lost that quality somewhere along the way over the years but he owned the 80s.  I love when he is in the operating room in this film and scolds his orderlies for shaving a heart into his patient’s pubes. “It’s a brain surgery!” he tells them before looking it over and twitching his mouth in the funniest way.  He also tells one of my favorite jokes of all time in this movie.  When he brings his wife, played by Kathleen Turner, home for the first time she notices the Hispanic gardeners on the porch waiting and asks “what are those assholes doing on the porch?” Martin so deftly and humorously responds with a laugh “assholes, no those are pronounced Azaleas.”  Hands down one of the funniest lines I have ever heard and more than anything else that is what sticks with me from this movie.

The biggest problem, as I see it, with this movie is Kathleen Turner.  Not only is it the role she plays but I just don’t think she was cast right to play that role.  Don’t get me wrong, Turner is perfect for playing the sadistic bitch that squeezes the life out of men by tormenting them in a way that can only be done by a villainous woman.  I just don’t think she was right for a role that men are drawn to in the way they are in this movie.  Maybe it’s because at an older age in life she would occasionally play a recurring character on Friends as Chandler’s father.  If you are unfamiliar with the show read it again, she didn’t play his mother but portrayed the character’s cross dressing father.  Quite convincingly I might add.  What I’m saying is that she actually looks like a man trying to dress up like a woman and even when she was younger I don’t see her as being attractive.  Not attractive enough that men are drawn to her like they are to her character in this film anyway.

There isn’t much more to say about this movie. It’s a silly film but operates mainly as a platform for Steve Martin to go nuts and be as funny as he could be.  He is the saving grace of this film and the only thing that makes it worth your time.  He is hands down hilarious as the stressed out husband who isn’t getting any from his wife but is doing “great in the finger sucking department.” Not to mention his name, Dr. Hfuhruhurr, pronounced just like it is spelled.  Martin may have lost something along the way but this is a perfect example of the comedy that man was capable of in his heyday.  I don’t usually recommend this movie because it’s so silly but it is worth your time if for no other reason than simply enjoying how great Steve Martin could be.


Who doesn’t love Steve Martin? I grew up watching some of his comedies, and when I started dating Ryan, he introduced me to even more that I had never even heard of, including this little gem. It’s very slapstick, doesn’t make sense in a ton of places, but is one of the most fun movies to watch. It’s an easy watch and I find myself laughing every time that we watch it.


HAH! I love this! It’s as slapstick ridiculous as the entire movie, and really works. I love that they twisted off Steve Martin’s head, since that’s what he invented in the film. His hair is all crazy like a mad scientist, not to mention his face. No, wait…his face always looks like that.

The typography fits with this. Takes electricity to zap a brain to life in those old films and so the designer is using that in the typography. I think it really works. I think this was actually a very well thought out poster and works on all of the levels that it should.

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