The Walking Dead 2/23/14


Granted I do not know what will actually happen because ultimately the show is different from the comic and has a certain level of unpredictability to it.  However, as a reader of the comics I can still offer plenty of insight into what is most likely to happen as this season progresses.  Dr. Eugene is a phony.  If you didn’t stop to ask yourself what kind of scientist has a mullet you will inevitably hear someone else ask that very question in time.  Eugene is just a hopeless loser that got a badass to believe in him, but he will eventually make himself useful. Eventually, as in seasons away that is and he is easily replaceable. On the other hand Abraham is the real deal.  He’s a badass on Michonne’s level, just misguided and a bit prone to anger issues.  He wholeheartedly believes that Eugene is who he says he is and he is willing to kill to protect him.  In the comic Rick and Abraham butt heads pretty hard at first with Abraham going as far as to point his gun at Rick and consider killing him.  In the end he learns to respect Rick and becomes Rick’s de facto number two in the place of the recently killed Tyrese.

See here is a great example of how different things might be regardless what happened in the comics.  Tyrese was completely different and much more important.  The way that Herschel was killed was specifically how Tyrese was killed, in front of the prison by the Governor with Michonne’s sword.  However, in the comic Tyrese and Carol did have a relationship so maybe there is potential for that in the show.  Yeah there is an elephant in the room when it comes to the two of them but they are paired up now and anything can happen.  What she did at the prison was at the prison which at this point is ancient history.  They have bigger fish to fry right now so to speak, yet I can still see plenty of potential for needless drama to come between Carol and Tyrese over what she did.

For the record, I think the show has been really terrific in the last couple of weeks.  I like the differences I see in the show and consider it great on a lower level.  When it comes to excitement over The Walking Dead it’s all about the comics for me.  I am always happy when this show surprises me but it’s not on the same level as what it is based on.  I can prattle on all day about what happened in the comics but it doesn’t mean anything will happen in the show.  If you really like this series I’d encourage you to read what it is based on.  The comic is far and away superior, but the show still has plenty of tricks in its bag.  For example, I don’t know anything about where Rick, Carl, and Michonne are headed.  That’s a series original story line and it can go anywhere. I think by the end of the season we will see the whole group united and on it’s way to Washington with Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene but until then anything can happen.

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