The Matrix Reloaded

Year: 2003
Directed By: The Wachowski Brothers
Written By: The Wachowski Brothers


In the four years after The Matrix the hype for its follow-up did nothing but grow.  The first film left us with so many possibilities for where the story could go and how much greater it could all be.  Our imaginations ran wild with the ideas of more Kung-Fu, more gun fights, more unnecessary sunglasses, and the like.  As the film’s production progressed we got glimpses of the film that only heightened our expectations.  Morpheus looked cool as ever, there were these two crazy looking twins with interesting looking abilities, Neo was going to fight a hundred Agent Smiths, there was just so much to look forward to.  None of it made any sense but The Matrix had laid the groundwork for something we were going to have to figure it out on our own one way or another. I was ready to put the thought into it and be blown away when this movie came out.  Amber and I were both at the midnight showing for its release. When we left we were certainly thinking, but we weren’t thinking about the meaning behind the thought provoking dialogue but about what exactly the Wachowskis were thinking when they made this movie.

This movie did have some eye-popping effects and some incredible scenes that overshadowed the whole truth to the matter. Which was that the movie just wasn’t very good.  It was as if the Wachowski’s hadn’t realized it was what went on inside The Matrix that made the first movie so cool.  There was far too much of “the real world” in this movie and in the story as it continued.  Nobody went to see this movie looking for caveman style rave dancing or to see what life had come to for humanity in general.  We went for the kung-fu fighting, we went for the guns, the stylish outfits, and the types of special effects that would blow our minds.  We got a little of what we wanted but not nearly enough.  Personally I tried to stay optimistic and hope for the best.  The writing was on the wall though and it was more than obvious where the story was going when the third film was released only six months later.  I maintained my optimism for that six months of waiting but I’ll get to how foolhardy that optimism was during the next review.

Looking back now I just try to appreciate what the film did offer us as opposed to focusing on the disappointment it bestowed upon us.  This movie did offer a few great fight scenes, and one of the coolest car chases of all time.  There was actually something like fourteen miles (maybe only seven, I can’t remember) of highway constructed specifically for the shooting of that car chase scene. I feel like some of the action in this movie is unmatched all around and I liked it enough to blindly believe there was a great conclusion coming to it all.  It was obvious that things weren’t going to get better as the movie came to a close and the Nebuchadnezzar was destroyed.  I refuse to give up hope though.  I loved this franchise and whole heartedly saw it as the Star Wars of my generation.  I would not accept any of the very reasonable and realistic arguments put forth by my friends and fellow fans.  They tried to tell me this was a disappointment but I wouldn’t relent. I defended this movie with the fervor and insane logic generally reserved for Scientologist. I had to eat a lot of words when the third film finally came out but I still liked to sit back and re-watch the good parts of this movie.  As far as I am concerned the good parts still make this movie worth watching today too.  If you simply skip to the fight scenes there is plenty to appreciate about watching this movie, and it won’t take nearly as long.

As a whole this movie really blows.  There is just far too much talking and most of it is of little interest.  I imagine most of the people who turned out to see this film could care less about what they were saying because we simply wanted to get to the good parts. As good as the good parts are too they just barely justify all the useless dialogue we had to endure to see them. I can see what the real problem is and that’s just that the initial story was set up to deal with “the real world” as opposed to the matrix.  The people we follow in this story are the people freed from this futuristic form of slavery and what really matters is their battle with the robots and not the people hacking into the system to fight agents.  The Wachowskis wrote a story that honestly followed what they had started but I wish they had just done what we wanted them to. I wish they would have scrapped the whole last stand for humanity scenario and simply had to face some threat that required them to be inside of the matrix to fight.  Maybe the Merovingian become the main antagonist instead of “Squiddy” and Agent Smith.

It all hardly matters now but don’t waste your time with this movie.  If you watch it at all just skip to the good parts because they will never get old.  You can never see that car chase enough times, it is one of the greatest ever and it is cut with scenes of Neo fighting with an awesome variety of weapons.  Otherwise watching the whole movie entails on a lot of drawn out dialogue that will only confuse things and a love story that is so forced it makes me sick.  Neo and Trinity are not a believable couple in love, and every time they are on-screen together it just couldn’t be more obvious. I have never been a fan of Carrie Anne Moss but despite her flaws as an actress I mostly blame the person in charge of wardrobe.  Who thought it was a good idea to put her in all that shiny leather and how was that a practical decision for the character? You would think if nothing else Trinity would be immobile by her garb and stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd.  Isn’t part of the point to blend in and not be noticed? Her outfit is just stupid and does nothing to make her more appealing.  To close this up let me tell you simply to not attempt making any sense of this movie and just enjoy the parts that were cool. It’s not worth your time, but certain scenes are and are worth seeing because they are awesome.


This sequel was okay, it just didn’t live up to the hype and excitement of the first one. It’s not a terrible movie like the last one (man that one blows), but it is definitely not the first one.


I am finding it hard to even look at this poster. Maybe it is because I find the relationship between them to be pretty ridiculous. If you remember, they barely even talk to each other in the first movie and at the end they are madly in love because the Oracle told her she would love him. It’s just all so stupid. I hate this love story. So it’s hard to really review this one. I like that they carried over the binary code, which is very important. One of the interesting things that they do throughout the series is the coloring change. The first movie had a very blue undertone and that carried on to the poster. This movie and poster had a very blue-green look to it, which you can again see in poster. The next one goes to all green. I don’t really know if this represents anything important or not, I jus thought it was worth mentioning. They keep the typography consistent which is important, and I guess this isn’t really a bad poster, but by far is not one of my favorites, in fact, I can’t wait to stop looking at it.

NEXT MOVIE: The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

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