They’re Just Going To Eat You At Terminus

The Walking Dead Season 4

Just a complete shot in the dark, although one from an avid reader of the comics.  The name terminus sounds too much like foreshadowing to me. It eerily sounds like “terminal,” as in when you arrive you die.  I have heard in passing recently that “The Hunters” are going to be brought into the show.  I remember these guys and know what they are up to.  The Hunters are cannibals, a threat not all that different from the zombies really.  They’re not dead, but they will still eat you.  They even allude to having eat their own children during a specifically villainous monologue.  My guess is that these signs were all set up in order to lead prey to the hunting ground.

The story line with Lizzy is specifically disturbing but it is right in line from the comic book.  Albeit with different characters.  There are two twin boys in the comic adopted by Andrea and Dale, who are both dead in the show now incidentally.  One kills the other in the same fashion that Lizzy kills the other girl.  In the comic Carl takes it upon himself to kill the boy when everyone else is sleeping.  It is a scene in the early stages of Carl becoming the greatest character ever, super badass all the way.  Obviously Carol takes on the role of the badass in this scenario on the show.  Yes it is an awful thing to do but you can’t live with a person who doesn’t respect life and might kill you in your sleep just to prove a point. In the comic Carol and Tyrese have a relationship, I have mentioned this before in passing as it is a possibility to happen on the show.

I want to note that when looking up Terminus to make sure I spelled it correctly I saw that it’s a term that actually has something to do with God and may have come from the Bible.  I don’t know the implications of this but still stand by my shot in the dark.  I think these signs are simply leading the desperate into the hunting grounds.

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