The Passion of the Sandra

GRAVITY (2013)

We found ourselves with some extra time this week and rented this film to see what all the fuss was about.  While it was without doubt very visually stunning I found myself thinking about it in correlation with The Passion of the Christ.  Only for the mere fact that aside from all the dazzling effects the movie more or less amounted to an hour and a half of Sandra Bullock suffering.  Anything that could go wrong did go wrong for this woman and by the end of the film when she nearly drowns I felt like it was simply overkill.

Now I don’t want to take anything away from Sandra Bullock’s performance. She was incredible and deserved all the praise she received.  I am not a fan but admire how much she has been able to accomplish in the last several years as an actress.  In this film the weight was put squarely on her shoulders and she stood up to the challenge to carry it.  She looks incredible for her age too.  A woman approaching 50 has no business looking as fit as she does but power to her, it’s impressive.

I enjoyed this movie but don’t intend to watch it again.  When it was over I felt regret for not taking the time to go see it in the theater. The experience in 3D or IMAX must have really been something to talk about, and I know plenty was lost in our effort to simply watch it on our television.  Nevertheless there was still plenty to appreciate and marvel at on-screen.  When she gets thrown off into space I felt like my every muscle in my body clinched and I can’t remember that happening to me in any other film for the longest time.  I see it as an incredible accomplishment and what they were able to accomplish was quite extensive.  The experience you might have had watching this film in the theater can’t be replicated but there is still plenty to get out of watching it at home.  I thought the going got a bit too tough for Sandra Bullock as the movie wore on but her performance and the effects can easily make this film worth your time.

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