White Walkers Making White Babies

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4

Well this was certainly an interesting episode for readers of the book because it’s all so fresh and new.  This was bound to happen because the show has really been advancing too quickly.  If they didn’t find new things to do they would be at a standstill on several story lines come season’s end. What people who only read the books should understand is that there is only so much material to go on for the show.  They are rapidly catching up to a point where there is simply nowhere else to go unless they start superseding George R. R. Martin.  That would be a horrible mistake because they show is simply cliff notes to a much larger and better story.  For the show to go ahead of the books and spoil what is to come would be the worst thing that could happen to those of us readers who have been sooooo patient in waiting for the next installment.

I went over all of that simply to say; nearly everything in last night’s episode was not from the written material.  Nowhere in the books do the men of the Night’s Watch go back to Craster’s Keep.  Bran and his posse never come across them either. This is I suppose an easy place to add in new material and maybe it is something Martin has envisioned eventually happening.  In order to avoid spoilers I won’t say why but I find this option highly unlikely.  The story advances too far past the point where anybody going back to Craster’s would make little sense.

There is also nothing in the book that suggests what the White Walker’s do with the sons left to them by Craster.  It is easily possible that they are taking them and turning them into new White Walkers but nowhere in the books is this suggested or talked about.  In fact, in 6,000 pages of the series there are very few appearances by the White Walkers.  They are mainly just talked about and only seen in the very beginning and a few times in the third book.  They attack the Black Brothers camped out at the Fist of the First men and Sam manages to kill one by accident when he and Gilly are attacked but other than that there is nothing.  It has been said that the next book will take us farther North than we have ever been before so there is a lot of thought that we will learn more about White Walkers then.  One of the largest theories by readers too is that eventually that legendary horn will be blown that shatters the wall and White Walkers will storm the lands of Westeros in force.  That’s just a theory but does seem the most obvious thing the books have been building to.  This will probably correlate with Dany’s return her homeland on the back of a dragon that can burn the frozen spawns back into dust.

I am more interested in the next book than anything the show will be doing because the books are better.  However, the obsessive addiction these books create is eased to some extent by watching the show although nothing is the way it should be.  The show does plenty of great things so I still do enjoy it from time to time and I look forward to seeing what else might happen.


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