My Life

Year: 1993
Directed By: Bruce Joel Rubin
Written By: Bruce Joel Rubin


We own this movie because I really like the idea behind it, but if I’m being honest I really don’t like watching it.  What a buzzkill. We tried to watch it but only made it about half way through before throwing in the towel.  It’s inspiring in ways that plenty of other movies are better at but this one seemed to bring something unique to the table.  I remember seeing this movie in the theater, I couldn’t have been more than nine years old at the time.  Even at that young age this movie made an impression on me.  The dying man who leaves a series of videos for his child and fights the disease eating him inside. It’s an incredible story.  I remembered this movie for almost twenty years.  In the back of my mind I had always known that if I were faced with this situation I would do it the way the guy in that Michael Keaton movie did it. A couple of years ago I came across this film for sale in the most random of places and bought it on the spot.  Since, it has sat on our shelf unwatched until last night.

We gave it our best shot, but this movie is difficult to watch.  It’s hard to get into the right mood to something like this. We watched it for a while before giving up and watching a funny sitcom to salvage the evening.  I don’t regret owning it however.  This movie left an impression on me at a young age and I still like the idea enough to justify owning it.  I like Michael Keaton and enjoy any opportunity to see him in something but this one is a bummer.  I can’t imagine myself ever recommending it but I’ll reference it anytime an opportunity presents itself.


How terribly depressing. Depressing. Depressing. How about instead of watching this movie watch Season 3 Episode 15 of The Office, where Michael goes about making his own video for his unborn child. It is hilarious, and in my opinion, a lot better use of time than sitting through this gut wrenching movie. I also hate that it forces you to think about your own children in a “in case of death” situation.


UGH. This looks like a cover to a Nicholas Sparks book. (Which I know is blasphemous to say, but I also can’t stand a Nicholas Sparks movie or book). I hate anything that just wants to see exactly how much it can make one person cry during a movie. Ryan has a good rule of thumb for these types of movies, if the trailer makes me want to cry, I don’t want to see the movie. There are so many things wrong with this poster. The hands thing. It’s very Sistine Chapel don’t you think? Then the picture of the two of them. A square photograph like image in the middle of a glowing blankness. And then lastly there is the typography. It looks like the only reason they changed the “f” in life was because they thought it was a pretty way to draw an f, so hey let’s awkwardly stick it in the middle of life even thought it has no relative meaning whatsoever. I hate this poster. HATE IT. I think it’s safe to say this is by far my least favorite poster. Of course….we haven’t made it to Southland Tales yet….

NEXT MOVIE: Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

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