Not Another Teen Movie

Year: 2001
Directed By: Joel Gallen
Written By: More names than I want to list.  Five different writers credited.


This is a low point of the collection.  Even in 2001 when I was seventeen I felt like I was above a movie like this.  Yet, at the same time, I had seen all the movies this one was making fun of and I found myself laughing at it.  I found that I liked it just enough to add it to the collection when I found it for a really cheap price. This movie is just funny enough and I enjoyed everything it parodied.  High school movies can define a generation, in the late nineties and at the turn of the century this was fully realized and everybody under the sun was trying to make the next high school classic. This movie, and truthfully many that it parodied didn’t make their mark quite like some of the real classics. Nevertheless you have to appreciate the effort, and this movie was a comedy about the efforts of so many to make that next John Hughes like film.

I just watched the movie last night and this should be easy, but in no discernible order here is a list of films this movie parodies that I noticed:

American Beauty
American Pie
She’s All That
The Breakfast Club
Varsity Blues
Cruel Intentions
Pretty in Pink
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Risky Business
Can’t Hardly Wait
10 Things I Hate About You
Dazed and Confused
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Road Trip
Sixteen Candles
Never Been Kissed
Bring It On

There are undoubtedly references to even more films that I either didn’t catch or didn’t recognize.  If you notice one not on the list feel free to leave a comment and add to it.  Obviously this isn’t a movie that I, or anybody for that matter, can take seriously.  It’s more stupid than funny too with lots of bad sex jokes and toilet humor.  I find it somewhat nostalgic despite this. I own several of the movie it references and I saw the large majority of them when I was younger.  I was in the target audience when this movie came out to and obviously it got me.  Today I would never see a movie like this.  These parody monstrosities continue to come out with a variety of different themes but I have seen enough with this one. I can honestly say that I have probably viewed this movie for the last time in my life because I can’t imagine ever watching it again for any reason.  It will only remain on our shelf simply as a reminder about another time when life was different.

On that note there are a few quick things I want to note about the movie because I am like to forget them otherwise.  Memory space stretches and makes room for everything but anything about this film will only be taking the place of something more valuable. First, I had completely forgotten Chris Evans was the star of this film. I didn’t even recognize him until half way through it with that black hair and because he looks so much younger. I like Chris Evans as an actor and it was cool to see him being funny long before he became Johnny Storm and then Captain America.

Secondly, I have never liked Jamie Pressly despite how hot she is.  I just literally find her to be a bit too scary as a woman and have never seen her play any other part than the ones kinda like she has in this film. She has a voice that can cut like a knife and just seems like the kind of woman I would never want to meet in person.  I find it hard to believe she is doing a lot of acting either, and that in real life maybe she is just a mean and bitchy beauty.  I know nothing of the sort, just an impression I get from her.

Third, Amber and I recently burned through the whole series of How I Met Your MotherSo something I never would have noticed in 2001 I saw last night for the first time. Josh Radnor has a small part in this movie.  What I find funny is how many of the things that he said seemed so much like something Ted Mosby would have said.  Given his limited acting career I think that maybe Josh Radnor is Ted Mosby and he is simply a guy that only knows how to play himself.  I think he’s funny but that’s just because of the attachment you develop to any character after you get invested in their show.

This is a forgettable movie and I don’t recommend it to anybody.  You will find some laughs here but I can’t say with a straight face that it is worth anything, especially the time it would take you to see it.


This movie can put me in a good mood every time I watch it. We still quote it today, randomly. It takes everything from all those cheesy movies we watched growing up in high school and shortly after and exaggerates them, and always taking it way too far, which I always love.


There really isn’t much I can say about this poster, it truly just “is what it is.” It isn’t special, it isn’t groundbreaking design. It does what it is supposed to do. It’s a parody of a bunch f different teen movies, and they include all of those character and give them high school cliche titles. It’s nothing special. But the movie is great. If you have seen at least three to four of the movies that Ryan listed above, you should get a kick out of it.

NEXT MOVIE: Nothing to Lose (1997)

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