Halloween Season 2014

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since we did this last October but in the spirit of Halloween we will again be dedicating the month to watching and reviewing horror films. To check out the movies of this genre we have already done check out the Horror category to the right of the page.  You can also check this out to see what all we covered last year during Halloween.

Halloween is a fun holiday and we are looking for the right movies to get us in the mood for it as the month progresses. This year we have six set aside already for the season and may be doing more as time is available. As with last year we will only be reviewing horror films that fall before “O” in alphabetical order. That means we have just missed the mark for some good ones such as Poltergeist and The People Under the Stairs. You’ll have to wait until next year for those but in the mean time we will be reviewing Night of the Living Dead, The Cabin in the Woods, Devil, The Hills Have Eyes, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween II at least. Of course we are open to suggestions if you have one that meets the prerequisites of starting with a letter before “O” and a horror film. Also, we will not review or watch any classic horror remake.  All films listed are the originals.

Our progress through the movie collection has slowed of late as life has been tumultuous. We have made it through the letter “N” with the exception of Night of the Living Dead which was held out until this month. After Halloween we will get back to business as usual with three “O” movies that are ready to go and just waiting editing. The films waiting to be published after the holiday are Office Space, Old School, and Orange CountyUntil that time enjoy the Halloween season and check out our reviews if you are looking for movies that will set the mood right for the holiday.

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