The Walking Dead-What Did Gabriel Do?

Last night’s episode was exciting and left a big question that will most likely needle at non readers all week.  It’s obvious that Father Gabriel is hiding something and the scenes from next week look like the group will be determined to find out what it is. STOP NOW IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILERS.

When the apocalypse got underway Father Gabriel had lots of supplies horded into his church and when his parishioners came for the shelter they had prepared for he locked them out and let them die. He sat inside with the food gathered by all and listened to the dead tear his people apart. He isn’t a bad guy just a selfish and cowardly one. He is a weak character who will tag along with the group but never do anything of real significance.

That’s how it went down in the comics anyway. In the comics Gabriel leads Rick, Michonne, Andrea, and Abraham to where the Hunters are camped out and they proceed to dispatch the hunters in such a horrifying fashion that Gabriel is traumatized by what he has done. The scene that the show finished with was specifically a scene from the comics just slightly different. In the comics Dale was bitten and when he went off to die alone he was capture and his leg was amputated by the Hunters. He started laughing at the Hunters when he realized what they had done because they were eating tainted meat. I think the same scenario will play out for Bob, who I think was obviously bitten at the food bank but didn’t tell anyone. It’s why he went outside and why he was crying when looking at the group in the church. He is dead on his feet and knows it.

This season has started with a bang and it will only get better as the group fights the Hunters and begin to make their way to Washington. If you have any questions or are looking for more feel free to leave a comment and ask.

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