Amber and I don’t get out to the theater that much these days. Life with two full time jobs and two rapidly growing children leaves us with little time for such a luxury. It requires the movies chosen to watch to come with a lot of confidence that it will be worth seeing in the atmosphere that has become such a rare chance. Amber surprised me last week with tickets to Interstellar and I was thrilled. I had even told people recently that it there was a movie worth us making to trip to the theater to see it was that one. Christopher Nolan’s newest had all my confidence that it would be incredible and mind blowing. I knew little of what to expect and appreciated that all the more. After such films like Memento and Inception I was certain that this movie was going to be a window into the future of films. Something that would be visually stunning and exciting in ways I could never have imagined.

Ladies and gentlemen, I was wrong. I walked away bewildered and confused as I checked the IMDB rating and saw a high rating of 9.0 out of 10. What did these people watch? I was walking to my car feeling like I had just watched a three hour Lincoln commercial. This movie bored me out of my mind. I specifically feel like it was nothing but a lot of monologues, a lot of crying, and an extremely long running time devoid of any excitement. I actually spent the last 15-20 minutes begging Amber for us to just get up and leave. At a certain point I was just so disappointed I didn’t care how it ended and had no interest in waiting to find out. Unfortunately I suffered through that ending that did nothing to change my already established opinion.

I think the biggest problem with this film is the story. I can appreciate that it was merely a platform to showcase the possibilities of certain scientific advancements but that isn’t good enough. They weren’t amazing enough to compensate for how everything unfolded. I think the biggest problem is how Matthew McConaughey comes to pilot the NASA mission. After a really long set up he figures out some coordinates by looking at the bookshelf and deciphering the code left on the wall from fallen books. OK, I could stick with them through that. Despite how strange that it is it doesn’t compare to how stupid it is when he is arrested at the super secret NASA facility before they more or less say “hey since you are here, can you be out last hope to save mankind?” Did the super secret NASA people not have an actual plan in place to the point they’ll just put everything in the hands of the guy that unknowingly showed up at the gate unannounced? Weak, and frankly I expect better from the Nolan team.

Another big problem I had is the role of Matt Damon. Does he qualify as the antagonist of the film? I think the character wasn’t really that bad of an idea but weak if that is all you are going to offer the audience. Here I was waiting for something to finally happen in the movie and when he makes his move I felt like he was just getting in the way of something that should be getting a lot better any moment now. When the realization that he was all that was going to happen actually donned on me I was so disappointed.

Now, another thing I just can’t deal with. I am no physicist and only vaguely familiar with science in general, but can it really be possible to convey advanced physics by way of Morse Code on a wrist watch? When his daughter figures everything out so quickly I just wanted to throw my hands up in disgust because it was all just so stupid. The new undiscovered fifth dimension being love made me want to scratch my eyes out. It immediately made the whole thing even worse than I felt like it had already been. Who knows? I get the idea that the whole thing hinges on technology and understanding that we haven’t yet acquired but it does nothing to make me hate the movie any less.

I do hate it too. I can find no other emotion for something that amounts to such a complete and utter disappointment. Christopher Nolan you let me down, I still believe in you but I consider this far and away your worst film. I think the robots were cool but that is the only good thing I can say about this movie. When I saw the trailer and the scene in which waves are mistaken for mountains I was so hopeful. I thought it was a glimpse of the possibilities and couldn’t wait to see what else was in store. The imaginative nature of the idea that on another planet waves might behave in ways we would never consider seemed like a taste of more to come. It wasn’t. I couldn’t even appreciate that scene because I was so excited about what else lay beyond that hadn’t been glimpsed in the trailer.

If you watched this movie and loved it please explain to me why. I was just so utterly bored and disappointed that maybe my opinion is overly negative at the moment. If this wasn’t an incredibly boring movie in which little actually happens tell me I need to see it again. I will need strong encouragement to ever try to get through this again. If you are on the fence about seeing it I would suggest you jump to the “No” side and spare yourself the loss of ignorance. If you don’t know how boring it is you can’t feel the disappointment I personally felt. If not then seek another opinion or make your argument by leaving a comment.


  1. I am so glad someone out there thinks this movie stinks. Interstellar epitomizes a failed ” Suspension of disbelief”. What a waste of time!

  2. Oh my gosh I loved this movie!! My feelings aside, I can see why you found it disappointing. Like you, I went in expecting something visually stunning and scientifically captivating. To that end, this was not our movie.

    However, past the cryo chambers, the interplanetary travel, the theory of gravity, the black hole, and saving humanity, this story was simple. It was the story about a dad saving his daughter. And everything else was just filler…complicated scientific filler.

    In fact, I kinda hated this movie too until the end. But the ending just made it. I can understand if you still hate it. Unlike Inception this movie didn’t have a complicated ending. The ending was simple, extremely simple, and that’s what I loved about it.

    1. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to this but I was really excited to get the comment. I knew someone out there would finally speak up for it. However I myself am not convinced. If anything the ending kind of killed it for me. While watching the movie I felt the ending could be the only saving grace to the film and when a human emotion turned out to be the fifth dimension or whatever I just felt like it was silly.

      Yes it was a simpler ending than Inception but Inception gave us excitement and thought provoking material. This movie just gave us boredom and then treated us like idiots at the end. Why overwhelm us with all this scientific thought that goes over our heads only to dumb it down in a way that makes no sense? I am no scientist and maybe I am wrong but I cannot imagine anything mathematical can be conveyed by way of Morse code. Not only that but the idea that anybody (even his scientist daughter, in the middle of a crisis no less) could simply pick up that watch an decipher the meaning is beyond me. Should we all examine broken watches for messages from the future/past/place where time doesn’t exist?

      I won’t turn my back on Christopher Nolan, the man has proven to be too good to do so, but I won’t look to his next film with the same excitement I expected of this one. While I can’t agree with you about this movie I do appreciate your opinion and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

    1. People have told me before that they liked it but I have yet to hear a reasonable explanation as to why. In fact, those responses are quite like the movie itself in that they make no sense.

  3. It was unnecessarily long and at times completely absurd. It featured relatively and I wish I could reclaim the time I spent watching it.

  4. Totally agree with your comments.

    I feel this should have been a 50 minute Outer Limits episode. It would have been far better.

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