Sons of Anarchy Finale Prediction

First of all, I’d like to express how stoked I am to have seen the Sons of Anarchy/Shield crossover more or less come to a close. I had been hoping for something dramatic with Michael Chiklis in the show but I’ll take what they did. It was awesome to see him make an appearance in the show even if it was simply a small cameo.

I was blown away by the second to last episode and continue to be impressed with the closing of this show. Now that revenge has been had there is still one more episode to close everything out with. I think I know how the show is going to end and I just want to throw the prediction out there while we are all eagerly awaiting the last episode.

I think that it is pretty obvious Jax is losing his patch. Nothing was definitively conveyed to us as to what was said in the meeting of the Presidents but it seems pretty obvious Jax is out. He just hasn’t told his club yet as he still has matters that need dealing with. There is still Robocop to deal with. His betrayal is not one Jax is like to let slide and he will exact his revenge in the same fashion he has all through the show. He will kill the shit out of Barosky and then begin the steps of stepping down and turning himself into authorities. There is no where else to go for Jax and he has crimes to answer for. He will willing prepare to turn himself in but will never make it to prison.

I think in the final minutes of the show, when we have forgotten about the possibility of anything else happening, Jax will be killed by Chucky. Chucky will not understand or accept the killing of Gemma and when he finds out what happened he will kill Jax in revenge. Gemma is after all his “best friend” and he “loves her.” Chucky has gotten more screen time in this final season than any in the last several years. It was all to set this up as most of his dialogue this season has specifically conveyed his feelings for Gemma.  I love Chucky with his awkward conversations and hilarious prosthetic fingers. Mind you, he still has his trigger finger and that will be the digit he uses to dispatch Jax and close out the show.


For this series to end Jax has to die and I think that would be a great final scene to close it all out. I will miss this show. I do not know where I will turn for a gritty action driven crime series. Kurt Sutter should be proud of what he has created in this series and I hope he has another idea stashed away to blow us away with in years down the road.

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