The Return of Negan!!!!

I’m going to deviate from our typical theme of movies to talk about something else I’m into. I am an avid fan of the comic book The Walking Dead. To the point that I spy out the covers of upcoming issues hoping for a glimmer of what might be to come. As of yesterday I saw something so awesome I can’t contain myself and I have literally nobody to talk to about it that would even begin to know what I was talking about. “I like The Walking Dead too, you are talking about the coolest character? You mean Daryl right?” AHHHH!!! These fans of the TV show (the show is different and I do like it) drive me nuts, much like the hardcore fans of HBO’s version of Game of Thrones who know nothing about what they are missing out on. Blah blah and so forth but the reason for all of this is the issue coming out in two months. The cover of the May issue displays an image of Negan standing before an open jail cell.

225px-Issue_141_CoverFor those of you who don’t know. This is Negan, the greatest bad guy ever. The TV show will ruin him because he is way too cool for the limitations of network TV. Any fan of the show should start reading now so they can see how awesome the baddest bad guy really is. Nevertheless he has been locked away for years following the war in the comic book. This cover implies that Negan is finally getting out.

When the war was ongoing I actually found myself hoping Negan would kill Rick, claim Carl as a begrudging protegé, and we would follow him through this world of the apocalypse. Sadly that wasn’t how it panned out but I was content with the fact that Negan at least lived and still had the potential to wreak havoc again.

After seeing this cover I am going to be antsy for two freaking months while I wait to see what happens. I miss this guy; I need this witty badass whose capable of anything. I need the profanity, I need the violence, I need Lucille, I need the pure unadulterated understanding of the world he lives in, I need the control he has over everything, and I need more of his story. Life is a bitch but something about this guy helps make it easier once, sometimes twice and month on “Walking Dead Wednesday.”

I love this story and as agonizing as it is to wait month by month for the story to progress it never fails to let me down. Now that I know Negan is getting out of jail sooner rather than later I am excited. It’s like a motivating force somewhere in the back of my mind constantly reminding me I have something really cool to look forward to, in a couple of months.

I cannot wait to see what Kirkman has in store for Negan as he gets back out into the world but one thing is for sure. I have absolutely no doubt that he is going to do something awesome. Is there anybody out there with me on this? Where are the other fans who can appreciate conversation about how awesome Negan is? I literally have a Negan action figure on my desk at work and I am constantly making references from this awesome bad guy that nobody gets. Who else is as excited as I am at his possible return to action in the comic? I need some dialogue.


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  2. It really is amazing how much hype can be mustered by a single comic book cover. Yes. The seemingly return of Negan is exciting to say the least, and, also ironic, as most fans of the TV show, for the most part, have no idea who Negan is. I wholeheartedly agree that his character will be ruined if the show isn’t allowed to let him be his crass “fuckedddy fuck fuck” self. Perhaps, AMC will follow FX’s lead and start an AMCX channel like FXX. I do know that if they go that route, the audition process to hire just the right Negan would be must see TV…OR…MUST SEE DVD EXTRA TV.

    But, back to the cover. Negan, sans beard and long hair, looks like he is being released. Is he reformed? Will he be Rick’s right hand man? Or…will he wreak havok in his Neganess way of wreaking havok? I would guess neither. Robert Kirkman will continue to surprise us. Just knowing that Negan is alive and well and presumably getting out of jail makes me happy.

    Hopefully, he does not go the route of Brooks; bagging groceries and ultimately hanging himself at the Shawshank Inn.

    1. I have thought more about it since writing this post and fear I got too hasty with expectation. The haircut and clean shaved look is well noted by you. I’ve tried to harness my expectations with the idea this could simply be somebody’s dream/nightmare. I can’t remember ever seeing a dream scenario in the comic much less one highlighted by a cover but I can’t imagine it is as simple as him simply getting out. I don’t think it is likely, but I let my imagination run wild when I saw the cover and now I’m grasping at straws to reign it back in.
      Thanks for the comment.

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