The Collection Is Back!

For nearly four years now our movie collection has been relegated to darkness.  Doomed to hide within the confines of a closet for years after the birth of our beautiful and spirited second daughter. She did need a room and apparently it didn’t fit with Amber’s decorating scheme to put our collection front and center in the living room. So for years our precious collection has had to dwell in the deepest darkest corner of our home. Almost out of sight, out of mind but for my perseverance with it.

However, now we have moved. In our new house I have a great man cave with more than enough room to display our collection for everyone to see. No longer will the precious go unseen. It has been reassembled in its entirety for the first time in years and it warms my heart every time I see it. I’m strange I know, but as a collector I take such pride in seeing all this together and in order again. Finally, after so long.

The collection is all accounted for short of four movies right now. Poltergeist and Gangs of New York are absent because I lent them out and have yet to get them back. I also have two new DVDs that haven’t been put into place yet. Those two are The Master and X-men:First Class. Otherwise that is the collection in it’s entirety in alphabetical order preceded by all titles that begin as numbers. You can see a list of links to all of our reviews that have been posted here.

Now, about the knickknacks adorning the shelves:

The painting is an original made just for me. It was a gift from my awesome wife on my 30th birthday. For a long time we had talked about having a painting made of the Last Supper with some of my favorite characters in it. After years of talking about it Amber commissioned a she-ninja friend of hers who moonlights as a painter. I think Amber’s best friend did an incredible job and really appreciate her efforts in bringing our idea to life.  I love having this painting displayed about our collection. In lieu of writing about who the characters adorning the painting are I think I’ll save that for later and eventually write a post about it with larger image to go with it.

The Jade Buddha, don’t really have a reasonable explanation. I am by no means a Buddhist and it has no religious context whatsoever. Somewhere along the line I acquired him and I display him for no other reason than I find him fun loving and peaceful. He got onto the shelf early and never lost his place. He has always sat along the top of my movie collection.

The rock with red writing next to him is a more interesting story. My step-father works for a demolition company and after the 9/11 tragedy back in 2001 he went with his company to ground zero to help with the relief effort. When he finally came home he brought us all a piece of the World Trade Center. That piece of rock sitting on my movie collection with red writing on it is the piece he brought me. The red writing indicates that it is from the World Trade Center Tower one. Found on 10/17/2001 at level B-4 over the MER room. It is easily one of the coolest and most priceless items I own and it seemed fitting to display it above my favorite collection of possessions.

The blue Raiders of the Lost Ark looking fellow to the left is an awesome jar I bought at a head shop in San Diego back in 2004. I filled it with California sand from Mission Beach and brought it home. In 2004 it was the biggest trip I had ever taken on my own and needed to bring part of it back home with me to the east coast. It has had a place on top of the collection opposite the Buddha since the collection was first assembled in a reasonably accommodating shelving system.

In the bottom right hand corner you may notice a monkey covering his eyes. This monkey used to be part of a group of a “hear no evil, see no evil, speak  no evil” trio but in a mishap Amber has been trying to explain for years one of them met a fate not even Krazy Glue could fix. I felt settling for “see no evil” in a collection that requires sight would suffice for now. So hey, talk and hear as much shit as you want but see no evil when it comes to my collection.

This DVD rack is new and there is more room to adorn it with other significant items that bring importance to it. It has been a difficult move though and unpacking continues. In time I might fill the space with something else interesting and unique and write an update about it.

The TV shows were never really included with the movies but usually assembled separately in the past. So much time has passed now that there really isn’t even a practical reason to buy DVDs of TV shows anymore. Generally just about any show you want to watch can be found streaming online somewhere or another. For that reason, coupled with the still high expense of shows on DVD, I no longer buy them. I only added some of them to the collection because if I kept looking at so much empty space at the bottom I’d get stupid and start trying to fill it with new DVDs. Most likely many that didn’t belong. We actually own a lot more shows than you see there but I put the ones I liked the most on the shelf.

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