Halloween Season 2015

We’ve made yet another pass around the sun and the season of the Autumn Equinox is upon us. We have football every Sunday, cooler weather, foliage beginning to show and the coolest holiday of the year fast approaching. For the month of October we will again be putting aside our journey through the collection to once more focus the whole month primarily on horror films.

As far as I am concerned Halloween trumps the other holidays because it’s just for fun. Thanksgiving has too much regular family drama for practically everyone and the two months of Christmas are just too relentless, and costly. If you remember New Years you didn’t start the year off right and Easter can hardly be considered cool. Halloween on the other hand is exciting, cost-effective, fun for adults and kids, and provides plenty of films to get us in the right mood.

For the rest of the month we will be reviewing only horror films and have several new ones lined up. Coming up this month are some personal favorites  and a couple of classics thrown in for good measure. If time allows we may even revisit a favorite or two from the past. So if you are looking for the perfect horror movie to get in the mood for the season then keep in touch for coming updates or check out the links below for some reviews of Halloweens past. If you want even more you can always click on the horror category for all of our reviews within the genre.

House of 1,000 Corpses One of my favorite horror movies and it gets me every time. I’m often disappointed with most of Rob Zombie’s other films but this first one was his best in my opinion.

Dawn of the Dead One of my favorite movies of all time. To this day I don’t think any movie has realistically ever captured the real horror involved in a zombie apocalypse.

Halloween The ultimate movie for the season. A movie that could never be matched, even from countless sequels or a horror fanatic like Rob Zombie.

Nightmare on Elm Street A classic that was too good to be remade. It was groundbreaking with effects and scary enough to stand the test of time.

In The Mouth of Madness A practically forgotten movie that I have always really enjoyed. Sam Neill is great at horror.

Event Horizon This movie is absolutely gut wrenching and can scare the hell out of anyone.

The Hill Have Eyes Terrifying movie that should have never been remade.

Candyman This movie scared me so bad when I was a kid I couldn’t sleep in the dark for two months.

Night of the Living Dead A classic that brought on the age of zombies that we live in today.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space This one I just listed for fun. I enjoy a good ridiculous movie now and again. This one is as ridiculous as it gets.

Poltergeist  This is an excellent movie that should have never been remade. Also a rare PG horror film that can actually scare you.

Planet Terror This is one of favorite movies of all time. I only list it because technically it is a horror film although I’ve never associated it with Halloween because this one is an anytime movie.

This is just a handful of what we have to offer here. If you are interested in more definitely check out the Horror category to the right of the screen and stay with us throughout the month for more.

All the pumpkins seen in pictures were done by my lovely and talented wife over the past few years. My personal favorite, of course, is the Dawn of the Dead pumpkin and I insist it be done every year.



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