I think it’s a bold endeavor to have made this comic into a show and I am at the very least interested in seeing what comes of it.

This story is as weird as they come featuring a preacher, a vampire, demons, angels, God, the Christian Illuminati and Arseface. I think this has potential to be an interesting show but mostly expect it to be the new thing that pushes the line for what qualifies as OK for network television.

I read the entire series of this comic and felt that while it completely strayed for a while it came full circle and eventually closed on an interesting note. I enjoyed the comic but at times felt it was really reaching. I have called this the Marilyn Manson of comics because it exists just to shock you.

Think you really understand sickness and debauchery? Read Preacher and realize how little you actually imagined on your own. If it’s sick and twisted you can pretty much expect it made an appearance in this cult classic comic. I consider myself a well traveled person at this point, both literally and literarily.  Yet this publication still managed to shock me with perversion and overindulgence.

It’s a tough thing to make this story into a television show or movie because it is so weird. It has literally been a working title under someone for almost eight years or more. There is a reason for that and if this show doesn’t make it the writing will have been on the wall, the producers simply chose to ignore it.

This is a show that should offer more than enough shocks but at the very least it has the potential to offer an interesting story, for a while. The story of Preacher is a good one but I think the writers got more interested in telling something weird than they did good over time. I think the show will be more of the same.

I think you better get ready to be grossed out or blown away both by what is on the show and then by what they got away with. There is once a part in the comic when a guy decides to have sex with an armadillo because it is something new, as in it’s something he has yet to have his way with.

I can honestly say that as a normally perverted man of age there is nothing quite as perverse as what I came across in the Preacher comics, and I fully expect the show to carry on in similar fashion. There is no other reason to make this show than to exploit its obscenity.

Obscenity sells though and I expect this show to offer us some interesting and exciting new material that pushes the line.


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